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Ren Amamiya vs Soma Cruz

Joker P5
"Before that happens, we will take this country!"

Soma Cruz
"I finally understand everything...I am Dracula"

Rules: Both Combatants at Low 2-C
Speed is Equalized

Who Wins and Why?





(Note: Joker does have access to Satanael but can be restricted if necessary, also Omnipotent Orb is banned; Soma starts in his base form from D.O.S, but can change to the Dark Lord if necessary)
I don't think Soma has a go to opening move, per say but if we go by his match against Kratos then it might be sealing
Soma resist the effects of Dracula's Castle. However considering the effects become stronger with every ressurection and the Soma Cruz era takes place at the very end of the Castlevania timeline, it should already be very potent, but even more so when Soma defeated the very source of his former self's power, that being the Chaos entity itself which should be far greater then Dracula's Castle ever was, and all of that was just in Aria of Sorrow. All of Soma's haxes and resistances grow even further by the conclusion of Dawn of Sorrow.
Zephyro's Scaling Chain for it went like this

Dark Lord Soma >>> Soma (DoS) > Menace > Dario fused with Aguni > Dimitri/Dario > Soma (AoS) > Chaos > Dracula (1999) >= Julius = Alucard (1999) => Alucard (SoTN) > True Form Dracula (SoTN) > Dracula (SoTN) > Galamoth >>>>> Shaft (Feat above Baseline) > Richter being controlled by Shaft > Richter Belmont > Dracula (RoB) > Leon Belmont > Dracula (LoM) >>> Death (LoM) > Time Reaper => Low 2-C

The thing is this scaling chain disregards alot of Castlevania's signature characters such as Trevor (Dracula's Curse & Curse of Darkness), Hector, Simon (Castlevania's 1 and 2), Juste, John Morris & Eric Lecard, Jonathan Morris and Charlotte Aulin, Shanoa, Albus, Barlowe, Maria (SOTN), Grant, Sypha and other characters not to mention every incarnation of Dracula from the games. So in reality Soma's scaling chain is alot bigger then this.
As the guy said, the powers he resist grow stronger at every ressurection, with Soma resisting them at their strongest, so probably up to 10+ times above baseline. Also worth noting that he resists conceptual death hax.
Soma's is from the Power of Dominance, which let's him erase someone on a conceptual level (though he can only use this after killing someone while outside his Dark Lord form).
Actually, Yald's concept manip is becoming type 2. A lot of characters are getting type 2, however only a set few will use it offensively. However, it is gonna be resisted.