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Regarding Tier 1 Characters...

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And Ziel how's this: Like i said earlier, i could look for pages that, again, aren't descrpitive or in laymans terms are crappy as hell. Basically like i said earlier, i could delete the ones that don't seem to have much info, you get what i'm trying to say here?
I didn't say anything about the 15 kilobyte rule at the time of proposal because A) it didn't apply to me and has a good chance of never applying to me later, and B) size is a good general estimate of how much effort is put into a profile.

Now that I think about it, 15 kilobytes is about 2,500 words, which is rather a lot for a character profile, and a concise writer could say everything they need to with much fewer than that. So, while a size minimum works in general, there are probably better metrics. Also--and I'm going to have to be That Guy, here--I think it's not shutting out low-quality characters as well as hoped. Almost 30,000 bytes of the Council of the Gods page consist of strings of infinity symbols, plus signs, and "nowiki" formatting artifacts, for example.
It's not that, it's just you put up so many plus signs that it makes it look ugly as hell. Just being honest here.
@Cross: I'm not sure. Probably just bring it up to MadVillain. Speaking of:

@Villain: I didn't say anything about the pictures.
alfter delisng stats sry for ask can u add something that the meaning is not lost so that the meaning is not lost i mean al those +++++++++++++++++++++ for sense i dont know what to add exept for +++ to add )
I can't really help you with that, Mad. I really do not want to see those plus signs. Hell, look at everyone's verse page. They don't have plus signs or tier stats, do they?
What you're looking for is a way to express how powerful your characters are, right? I don't get it--there's not actually any power levels above omnipotence.
Unless it's about joke characters but even i'm starting to really wanna delete them becuz i'm starting to get ******* crazy looking at stats that have an unreasonable amount of plus signs.
Mad Villain26 said:
well in my verse cosmology there is warp gods who beyoond infinilty strogner than 0 and their beyond infinity ups
Okay, but how is that different from 0? "Absolutely superior to everything else, ever" is 0.
warp gods is beyond infinilty superior to 0(that somewhere between joke and tiering)wit chim beyond infinitly superior Xinfinity and higher avatars part with avatars can be delited maybe
I am going to start deleting pages that have those stats. Or at least delete those cuz i am not in a good mood to play nice with right now about this issue and the tier 1 as well.
Why do they have those tier infinity tiers in the first place? Otherwise, i am going to delete those stats.
Okay, but how is that different from 0? "Absolutely superior to everything else, ever" is 0.

they beyind infintely stronger than 0 they they are outside beyond the wheels, and a void with all the features (0 part of wheel )they on the other level of existance
@Wheelsecond: Bro Council of the Gods is supposed to be a group profile if I remember correctly and there aren't any rules for that.

And I already said the whole 15K rule was to be removed so that's that.

@Mad Villain26: Bro Tier 0 aka Omnipotence is above everything it's not apart of any system it's beyond everything. Joke Characters no matter how more powerful they are compared to omnipotence as the whole system says they'll never be beyond Omnipotence.

Why you ask well it's cuz omnipotence is just that way.

I once asked an improved version of the "Can an omnipotent create a stone so heavy that he himself cannot lift it?"

With my version being this "Can an Omnipotent being stay within our realm of logic and understanding and create a stone so heavy that he himself cannot lift it?"

And the answer I got was yes even though that should be illogical. And in my question I specifically said that the omnipotent being had to stay within our realm of logic so the whole "Logic doesn't apply to an Omnipotent shouldn't work here".

This is just how omnipotence is... and this is one of the reasons why I dislike joke characters because they apparently express that there can be something above omnipotence which I heavily disagree with...
So do i just delete delete the joke profiles cause i really have no issue deleting them? Like at all and no exception.
No you shouldn't while I heavily dislike those profiles I doubt the creators would like their pages getting deleted and they're not really doing much harm anyway...
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