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Regarding linking images from the wiki

AKM sama

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After the UCP update, there have been problems linking to wiki images, as they are automatically shown as small when we use .jpg .png .gif etcetera in the end as required, and when we use the full link it just doesn't show up.

For example, if I try to link the image of Celty Sturluson here using the full image URL as shown in the following code, it won't show up.



And when I try to link the same after removing the latter part of the URL as shown in the following code, its size will automatically be reduced.



Both of these ways of linking images were working fine before the UCP update, but they don't anymore.

However, image upload sites such as Imgur, ImgBB, etc. work fine, but not if you use the URL for the page in which the image is hosted, but only if the URL for an image itself is copied and used via the IMG tags. It should most preferably end with .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif
For example:





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Thank you AKM. I will create a popup notification for this thread.