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Yeah, Jaune seems even less experienced and skilled than Kuwabara. The latter's fighting experience comes from street fights, but I think it's more than enough to provide a significant advantage on his favor.

They both seems quite even in most fields, so the fighting ability makes a difference here.

I'd like to know the AP difference because RWBY's profiles are a mess scaling-wise and it's giving me the intention of watching the show to work on it.

Kuwabara scales to 1.3 Tons, while Jaune scales to an Ursa Major who scales to Cardin Winchester who scales to... Jaune and Pyrrha who's High 8-C and to the Ursa Major again.

So circular.
Then they're comparable. Neat. Considering Kuwabara managed to win against Byakko who was clearly above him, he should take this.
Kuwabara's endurance is insane. Given the crap he takes he beats Jaune in stamina ten times over, even in his early days. Even if he didn't outskill he certainly outlasts.
This seems stompish seeing how Kuwabara has dimensional slicing and durability negation. Actually other than Aura and a practically non-existent AP advantage Jaune has zero advantages
Someone should put it in the correct keys then because right now it looks like he as the same powers in all keys and the only change is AP