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Reality Warping and Plot Manipulation

Pretty sure with plot manipulation, you can even change the entirety power system of the story.

Depend how your story treat what is the "plot". I alway see plot manipulation is somewhat supreme compare to other ability because if you can control the plot, you can cause pretty much anything to happen because everything happen in a story because the plot say so.

And pretty sure the verses that have no definition of how wide is the plot emcompass their verse are really vulnerable to Plot Manipulation
They are essentially the same in their more general representation, is just that Plot Manipulation works in a narrative fashion. Resist/being immune to one do not makes you resist/being immune to the other, not necessary.
The way both powers are handled by writers makes Plot Manipulation more interesting as there are way more stories where characters suck in using their Reality Warping competently.
Well, let discuss : Do you guy consider reality warping on plot level is just as high as reality warp on conceptual level ?
I'm asking because of the standards for High-Godly regen. For spoiler reasons I won't clarify because the source isn't translated, but basically a character can erase another's mind, body, soul, concept and history, through means of Reality Warping. Would the erased character coming back from that warrant High-Godly?
i though that is Mid-Godly ? I means, i once asked about it because there are Fortissimo characters returns after getting erased from history and even their concept got erased, but the answer is Mid-Godly
The lynchpin is being erased from Plot/Narrative. If erasure via Reality Warping is the same as being erased via Plot Manip, then it would be High-Godly. If that's not the case though, it's Mid-Godly.
Isnt all EE is basically reality warping in general ? And you have to show what is erased, not erased by what. If they can return from being erased from Plot Erasure, in my opinion, that is some damn high level of Regen