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Profile Deletion Request Thread


I think this is all of them?

EDIT: Had to remove one link after promes deleted it because one image is a bit gorey.
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can one of the ones i made being Nick's profile be deleted, me and my friend decided to remake the profile after the forum move
i'm basically completely overhauling Nick (my oc) as a character new tiers, keys, etc


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The Reaper (Complete and Absolute Chaos II), as the GM of the RP this character is from and the creator of this Verse I'd like to have this profile deleted. As I had retconned this character from the RP and banned the User from the RP after he was a nuisance to other players, added his own rules to my Verse without my consent, and just kept ignoring what I said.
I'd like all of these deleted for now since they're pretty old and I'm too lazy currently to do much with them-

The stats and abilities of this profile is literally word for word copy pasted from Azathoth's profile on VSBW