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Possibly downgrade for the nasuverse

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Higher dimensions in Nasuverse sees Lower dimensions as fiction."

Nothing really implies reality fiction interaction.

First of all, there is nothing impressive about "higher dimensions" . Dimensions are themselves nothing but merely axis of movement. Where does this misunderstanding comes from? From misunderstanding the statement. Here.

Let's say you are in a three floor building, and you are in second floor. From inside, you can't see the first and third floor, but from outside, the building appears flat, and you can see the three floors at once. Now compare this to what Rin says.

Let us see what Rin exactly said, yes? In the original scan Rin said that the past, present and future cannot be perceived at once. Then, it is mentioned that from a higher dimension like universe of record the frame of time LOOKS like a flat scroll, from where past, present and future can be observed at once. Here comes my alternate interpretation of Rin's statement. LOOKS like, not IS. So rather then being a higher plane of existence which sees lower dimensions as fiction, higher dimension in nasuverse is more like "A placefrom where you can see past, present and future of the world at once", and that is because the laws of higher dimensions like recorded space are different .

This is further supported when creatures from observed universe can enter recorded universe as stated by Rin, and she even says you can jump inside the "book" and come outside of it, completely throwing away any idea of reality fiction difference.

Pay attention. Rin here puts stress on the point that how it is easy to see past, present and future at once from the record universe, rather then outright saying "This reality sees the lower dimension as fiction".

Let us see what official say

Recorded universe The world or viewpoint where the concept of time is "recorded time". "Recorded" means that the past, present, and future are perceived at the same time. For example, for a higher-dimensional being with a perception of several dimensions, the three-dimensional world is like the world written in a scroll, so you can always record your past, present, and future in the scroll. Can be perceived at the same time. The center of Mooncell is the existence of a recorded universe because the past, present, and future exist at the same time, and it is a parallel world simulator that calculates all possibilities.

To sum it up, Universe of Observation- change shit as you want in exchange for having no fucking clue what the future is. Universe of Record essentially allows you to see past, present and future- but you lose the ability to freely influence reality and become more of an 'external observer', so to speak.

Or in a nutshell, a higher dimensional being can PERCIEVE the past, present and future. At once.

Thus the difference between dimensions is perspective, the fact that a higher Dimension can see both past, present and future of lower dimensions. The book and scroll stuff was used to make this explanation easier.

To blast it further?

They allow you more movement options. Just step into the fifth dimension and whoever you're fighting can't see or touch you. You can also see through their body, just as we could see through a 2D person, and mess with their organs if you'd like.

SO you can have a different perspective as a higher dimensional being instead of outright seeing lower dimensional beings as fiction. This pretty much debunks higher dimensions in nasuverse having reality fiction difference with lower ones entirely

Ars Almadel Salomonis.

King Solomon's Third Noble Phantasm. The "|" of original sin.

At a first glance it looks like a ring of light that encircles the Earth, but in reality it is an aggregation of some hundred millions lines of light.

Each one of these lines carry extreme damage values comparable to Excalibur, an A Rank Noble Phantasm.

Unfortunately, there is nothing on the surface of the Earth that surpasses the heat value of this Noble Phantasm*.*

Note that each of the line of light is compared to an A rank noble phantasm, which definitely is no where near planet level. So each line of light rivals a SEALED Excalibur, not an UNSEALED one which beat Sefar.

5. Seeing time and past, present and future as a scroll because of higher dimensional existence makes it effectively a reality fiction difference

Counter: Except the verse in question debunks higher dimensions seeing the lower dimension as fiction each chance it gets.

Seriously, in Fate extra alone , they only SEE past, present and future at once, rather then directly seeing lower dimensional beings as complete fiction . Rin literally tells you that YOU, Hakuno, an ordinary human CAN go to the recorded universe and look down at any point in past, present and future. I guess Hakuno sees multiverse as fiction now?

But seriously, let us see some of the times times higher dimensions is mentioned in Fate.

a.Divine Spirits.

So Divine spirits, Aka gods are higher dimensional beings. Well.

To begin with, i am ignoring the pseudo Servants like ishtar since they are literally possessing a human body. But what about the actual gods in the flesh?

Goddess Rhongomyniad. She is the first Divine Spirit you fight directly in Fate Grand Order camelot singularity.

Note: I will be using Type Moon wikia since people writing it are reliable enough.

Due to having wielded theHoly Lancefor 1,500 years,Artoria's mental structure and spiritual make-up drastically changed, transforming her into a full goddess, the highest-ranking Divine Spirit there is.

After becoming a goddess, Artoria also acquired a new level of perspective

with theKing of Magecraft, understanding bothhis ideal and his purpose. Her gained awareness over the flow of time is such that she learned both thatSolomon's templeresides outside of time, and that in theBabylonia Singularitythere may bean "evil"that surpasses him on power.[13]She also knows Dr. Roman and Ritsuka'sTrue Namesjust from looking at them without having met them before.

See this? It quite goes well "higher dimensional beings can see past, present and future at once". But where the hell does she is stated to see beings like Ritsuka as fiction? Mark you, Ritsuka is an ordinary human, and yet it is obvious that he CAN physically interact with her. Her, a divine spirit, a higher dimensional being. To rub salt, bedivere, who was another human, physically fought her and pushed her back. Man, must suck to be pushed back by someone who is fiction compared to you.

But that's not it. Ritsuka can literally physically interact with multiple other FULL BLOWN Divine spirits. including Arjuna alter, Zeus, and what not. Where the hell do they see Ritsuka as fiction? There is literally no reality fiction difference here.

b.The King of Demon Gods, Goetia.

That's right. Goetia, the big G himself, the big bad is a higher dimensional being.

Does He see ritsuka as fiction? NO. Was it said that after Romani's sacrifice, he lost a dimension and became a three dimensional being? NO. IF higher dimensional beings in fate sees lower dimensional entities as fiction, then i ask you, how tf is Ritsuka, a mere three dimensional human, an ordinary human, beating the living shit out of BEAST goetia with his fists?

If Goetia really saw Ritsuka effectively as fiction as a higher dimensional being, how tf can Ritsuka beat the shit out of beast goetia with his fists? The BEAST Goetia, not the king of human goetia who has a human body.

6.Zelretch sees all timelines as pages in a book so higher dimenions have r/F difference with lower ones.

Completely false again. Where is it stated exactly that Zelretch is a higher dimensional being? Secondly as a user of second magic, he literally can observe parellel worlds.

Once upon a time, he engaged the King of Vampires in single combat. He pushed back a boulder falling from the heavens in a feat of power. Such a monster was Zelretch.

Whereas he has crossed unto numerous futures; numerous Adjacent Realities, he is an observer that yet awaits 'the Final Answer.'

They're parallel... sort of. But if Zelretch was observing, it'd become true, and my feelings on the matter is that I'd rather two routes disappear if one was true.

Apart from his Mystic Codes, Zelretch is capable of using his Second Magic in other ways. The full abilities of his Magic are yet to be revealed, but it does give him the ability to observe and travel through different worlds and even timelines. He is capable of observing the different worlds he sees, being able to see their eventual outcomes.
Zelretch performs the observation of parallel worlds inside a spherical room, said to be a "completed world." It is jet black in appearance, dotted with points of light resembling stars. As he dictates the characteristics of an observed world, these points of light rapidly rotate with the turning of the pages of the book he utilizes. This room is hard to enter, Zelretch possessing a count of those with the ability, such as Caubac Alcatraz.[17]

Within the center of the room floats a wooden chair upon which he sits, said to "imbue the space around it with a conspicuous gravity" simply through existing. The chair's appearance is described as "extravagant" with its wood possessing a "refined hue," but not repulsively ornamental like that owned by the elite. The very significance of the chair in the space is such that an unrefined person would be "consumed by the weight of the chair’s existence and hidden from surrounding view."[17]

From the chair, he utilizes a hovering book that, while the size and thickness of a standard encyclopedia, flips through tens of thousands of pages in an instant at his beckoning. It inscribes and erases pages in real time, filled with information on different worlds and the specifications, down to the very individual characteristics of a person.


Do you see? Nasuverse never saw higher dimension having outright reality fiction difference with lower ones, just a different perspective of time.

First of all, Nasuverse Universe is weird. Not elder scroll levels of weird, but really weird however.

Here, it is described to be the size of the solar system.

Servant Universe is a whole different shit.

A cosmic world view in which servants play an active role like servants, that is, Universe. A world freed from the gravity of the original text and allowed to do whatever you want.

Also known as "Servant World" and "Soki Galaxy".

The so-called "universe" spreads between the planets, but probably because it is filled with ether or because of the toughness of the servant, it does not die even if it goes out into space, and in some cases it even "swims". can.

There you go, it is described as a “galaxy”.

Further proof


Her size is not much greater then a parsec. I refer space Ishtar, one of the most powerful deities in nasuverse.



It would take her 128 days to erode the galaxy.

Originally it was a universe where humans existed like our universe, but it seems that there was "something" 5 billion years ago, and almost all human beings have been tampered with ghosts and become servants, with ether. A full, blue shining galaxy was born.

FGO universe:

A myth in a group of works created by writers such as Howard Phillips Lovecraft in the early 20th century.

The theme is the gods who are completely incomprehensible to humans and the human beings who are at the mercy of their genus, which has had a great influence on the subsequent fiction.

According to TYPE-MOON, those gods do not actually exist in "this world (= the earth and its ring, the inner universe of the solar system)", but as a result of Francois Prelati 's trip with medicine, there is an astronomical probability. In rare cases, you may be connected to another world, or as a result of Howard Phillips Lovecraft's own imagination, you may accidentally make a perfect match with an astronomical probability.

So, strictly speaking, the Cthulhu gods in TYPE-MOON can be said to be "something indescribable that has properties very similar to the fictional gods created by Lovecraft

Here is a more impressive interpretation of a universe in fate extra

The entire universe is the domain of a Buddha. In Buddhism the universe in considered to be made up of three billion solar systems (a great trichiliocosm). A galaxy comprises of 3000 solar systems (a small trichiliocosm), and 1000 small trichiliocosms make up a trichiliocosm.This actually aligns with the real scale of galaxies, galaxy clusters, and super

From Fate extra material.

But the most common definition of a nasuverse universe is a domain that encompasses time and space*.* What does that mean? Can you take any pocket dimension and call it a universe? Maybe, maybe not, but we DO know that there are two types of it- the recorded universe that we discussed, and the observation universe.

Observable universe

A world or perspective where the concept of time is "recognized time".

"Recognized" means that the past, present, and future are not perceived at the same time.

For example, in human perception, the past is constantly updated to the present and we are observing the future that will come from the present, so the three are not perceived at the same time.

The advantage of the observing universe is that the parties have fluctuations that can change the future, instead of being unable to see from the present. This will transform the present of tomorrow.

But apparently, Nasuverse uses the words “universe” as separate from “timeline”. But Universe is probably also known as a dimension with a finite amount of energy.

And the Solar system will collapse if there is too many parallel worlds or timelines. That’s why the pruning phenomenon exists.

Further proof that the universe refers to the solar system with a finite amount of energy and can’t store too much timelines.

People who devote their life to bringing salvation to Sattvas (living things) are referred to as Bodhisattvas. People who have attained moksha (libertation/release) and become Buddhas are also Bodhisattvas. A Bodhisattva is a god of universe scale and power, and can easily manage things on the scale of the Solar System.

The evil god of the emptiness here is a higher life (the evil god of the abyss) that sits in a different dimension that is not a parallel world or a different world, let alone the universe*. It is said that there is a possibility that those who have that property will have class aptitude.*

While various myths, such as Greek mythology and Norse mythology, are said to have "once existed, but later lost from formal history in the form of textures being removed," the gods of Cthulhu mythos have this . It does not exist in the universe (= the earth and its annulus, the inner universe of the solar system), and it has never existed. To put it simply, it is a completely fictitious existence.

BB describes Mooncell, which was the basis of omnipotence (although it is not literally omnipotence) as "a calculation source of a scale comparable to the solar system", and Kiara as "a pleasure land comparable to the solar system". There is. In addition, "Bodhisattva" is an existence that can manage the solar system lightly on the scale in actual Buddhism (when the values of ancient India are placed on the current values).

The so called timelines only refer to humanity.

Even more funny, after converting infinite possibilities of human history to energy, how much energy is actually in the band of light?

Hundred million A rank noble phantasms.


So why does the universe expand? Well, a proper explanation is finely given.

In order to prevent this, we will collect statistics on the possibilities as the world progresses to some extent, and keep only a reasonable ending for the "operation of the next generation." The point is to count up to "up to here" in units of 100 years, allow possibilities only to the world that is guaranteed to "at least continue for another 100 years", and to close the parallel world of the world that was judged unnecessary, and how to close the future. Is going. As a result, humans will survive and prosper, and the solar system will not be saturated by the amount of information, and will survive for the next 100 million years in the current way [Ex 3] . This is called a "pruning event" in the magical world, and the Magic Society considers that "our universe is still expanding without problems" due to this function [Ex 5] .

Section 2: The Moon Cell

Allow me to clear up some misconceptions of the moon cell.

The worlds in the finite mooncell does not even exist

In fact they are data.

Now let us see what “possibilities” are.

Upon the Earth, there is exists the hypothesis of "Adjacent Worlds."

The World is not one; rather, like a reflection in a pair of opposing mirrors, it infinitely unfolds. Consequently, there cannot exist only a single future -- or so it's thought. In other words --

Let's explain it like this. The you that exists right now can be described as a you that exists somewhere within this flow of time.

It's probably difficult for you to envision. After all, it's impossible for humans to even perceive "the Boundaries Between Worlds" (世界の壁, Sekai no Kabe?) -- much less what lies beyond.

So, how about I rephrase? Worlds that run adjacent are essentially as "possibilities."

Conclusions that may be possible.Bonds that were abandoned.Options that went unnoticed.

Divergent futures, wherein "what ifs" such as these were permitted. It is indeed these "realities in which the future was altered" that are referred to as Adjacent Worlds.

Possibilities are equated to timelines.

Quantum Time-lock [Existence] Spiritron Record Anchoring Bands (霊子記録固定帯, Reishi Kiroku Kotei-tai). An event that manifests at regular intervals for the purpose of anchoring the Average Expression (平均値, heikin-chi?, lit. "Average Values") of phenomena as absolutes. This universe permits the birth of unlimited possibilities, numerous adjacent worlds, and divergent developments of history. However, as the unrestricted propagation of this process would exhaust the lifespan of the universe, at set intervals, those extraneous world routes (世界ルート, sekairu-to?) removed of the category of "routes characterized by survivability and stability" are culled (伐採, basai, lit. "cull" / "prune"), so as to prevent

the needless expenditure of energy.

So….. possible worlds =/= adjacent worlds, as in worlds that are truly manifest and not just unrealized possibilities. So, no infinite timelines.

Further, Velber destroyed 80% of moon cell and it has a massive but finite amount of light which it uses for data storage

In the original version, it uses the term "countless" instead of "infinite"

Our universe allows for countless possibilities and **creates many parallels worlds and histories with different developments.***The universe has a finite amount of energy to spend maintaining each parallel world. Because the universe itself would expire if these realities were to expand without limit, it conserves energy by, excising worlds, at specific intervals, that have veered too far from the strongest, most stable timelines.*

It observes the determination of every possible destiny every second, computes further results, and stores everything inside itself as light.There are untold tens of millions of lights years of light trapped within the core*, and the entire photonic crystal structure is also powered by it.*

[The wizards who have reached the moon will compete with one another, and the last one standing will be summoned to the Moon Cell Core and granted the right to use it. That’s the Holy Grail – an omnipotent computer containing a power source equal to the sun.]

It is compared to the sun (So omnipotent in fate is star level) , and BB compares it to solar system. Aka the amarterasu being compared to the sun which is called "low end" so many time is the main comparision in fate extra.

want more?

Wha... Why is Kiara here!? If the Mooncell is an operational system on par with the solar system, that wannabe Beast is a solar system-sized pleasure land! Just...please shove her on that foul-mouthed nursery story writer!

Structure of earth

It is weird how people decided that destroying the planet is multiversal or some shit, so let us kick that off too.

This is where the idea that the texture of the earth encompasses an infinite universe came from. What a genius. You have to have a special kind of boner for nasuverse wank to think that up. Since we brought it up, let us see that the texture is exactly, hmm?


***Zeus:**It was a long, long journey.The beings who originally constructed us had already gone extinct.With no inherent values in life, we embarked on a meaningless journey.Our original universe had come to its end.As such, the flagship Chaos made use of 97% of its power to deliver us into another universe.One filled with life, and a planet which would accept them.However, we were unable to locate a planet which corresponded with our given landing conditions.Tens of thousands of years passed.Few of our ships remained, and we were no longer able to maintain ourselves.Our functionality had been lost - frozen.We were at the end of our journey, and had achieved nothing.*And it was at this point that we discovered this planet. A miracle in itself, with a 78% landing requirement correspondence.And so, we crash landed onto this planet, and what happened next you already know.

Oh, and remember the time Moriarty was about to blow up the earth with a random big ass meteor from space, or when Chaos was about to convert 37% of it into fuel? Sure, the nasuverse earth is infinite.

It is a THIN membrane covering earth's surface.

More things you can know about the root:

Jeanne d’Arc is a Heroic Spirit who, from the start, lost her human body long ago. Because of that, the chances of her reaching the Reverse Side weren’t completely zero… However, that is merely the kind of “not zero” like, as a comparison, somehow managing to pass through a wall with the tunnel effect, but the Throne where Heroic Spirits Exist is cut off from the time axis, so she effectively had an infinite number of attempts to try.

The Root, a record of everything in the universe*, is said to reside outside the World. It is the beginning and end of all creation. It is the ultimate goal of all magi. The Three Founding Families created the Holy Grail War system as a means to reach the Root.*

So what are the best feats are as of now?


Arjuna alter's noble phantasm compared to a star


Even though he may have had the invincible armour said to be endowed with the sun god’s power--- that would not help if the very world on which he stood on was destroyed.

In fact, it was amazing that he could hold out for as long as he did.

It was a feat comparable to a single man holding back an entire sea, or stopping a falling star.


The light converged,

and became a single arrow.

…….No, it is not something which can be called the fastest arrow.

It is a shooting star, a weapon piercing the sky to crash into the ship.
It is an anti-star noble phantasm

It destroys stars, and also drops them.


europa: "from the time of the beginning, the victor of four machia; the lord of the skies. he who rules the far shore of the blue skies. he who tramples the far shores of the night skies. that what wields the thunder that shatters the galaxies and the cosmos itself. you who includes unto yourself the authorities of uranus and chronos.""aa, the great ruler of the pantheon, who bears the chronos crown, which continues everlasting unto the future""the omnipotent god zeus doth speak"

...But it doesn't happen that way. ...That light... The light, the light! So big and bright, it nearly swallows the titan whole. Her body, tougher than any stone on Earth, strong enough to resist the heat of the stars*, cracks before it. The impossible has happened. No one could have beaten the titan. Not even the very personifications of the world's concepts, those who were worshiped as gods. She'd have crushed them alongside their followers. None of them could have stood between her and her duty. But after she struck down one particular god, the "Concept of Conflict", later known as the God of War, IT appeared. ...A single sword, forged and refined in the depths of the Earth. Whatever man or god lived to witness its birth called it...the Holy Sword. ...The Ultimate Phantasm, created by the stars and humanity's deepest wishes. The embodiment of world-saving hope.*


Goetia being compared to arjuna alter.


and the Throne of Heroic Spirits exists in a dimension above this dimension


That’s it basically. What is so complicated/multiversal about this? There is literally nothing multiversal here. Nor is the surface texture of nasuverse earth is infinite, Archer of shinjiku could destroy the earth with a simple meteor.


1.The moon cell is no where close to infinite.

2.Infinite timelines don’t exist in fate verse and is retconed

3.The planet itself isn’t any multiversal shit.

That’s it.,
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