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Possible movie Pennywise upgrade

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Ok, I've been wondering this for a while now and I want to share my thoughts. I have been rewatching the scene where after Pennywise's death the entire Well House gets destroyed, wondering how we can calc or get a higher tier for it. And it dawned on me, given the severe shakiness of both the camera and enviornment (plus the fact that everything is falling to pieces) in the scene it should be comparable to an earthquake. This made sense to me for the reason I just stated, so I got searching. On the Earthquake Power Chart page there is also a link to a wikipedia page with magnitude levels and descriptions on said magnitude levels and going off those descriptions. The earthquake feat we see in the movie would be at the absolute least be 7.0-7.9 and on the Earhtquake Power Chart page on this wiki, that would be about either Large Town level to Small City level. Not as good as the book version's earthquake feat (Which is Large Mountain level+) but is still very dangerous. What are your thoughts on this? is it good and should be added? is it decent? or is it so bad that it can tryout for the Antichrist.
From what I saw, the feat does not look like an Earthquake. Sure there was skacking but it was only a minor area that was affected which included only the house and well; the area outside does not look affected because for example the fences and bike does not shake outside so the feat so it should be not scaled to an earthquake.

This note explains that shaking minor area does not qualify for an earthquake.

Shaking a minor area should not be assumed to automatically translate to an earthquake. Either a large area being shaken or evidence that we are dealing with something earthquake-like and not just some minor shaking would be needed.
Does count as a minor area when it shakes and destroys Pennywise's lair (which is deep underground and connected to the sewers of Derry) and the sewers of Derry are also being effected, albeit not being destroyed like the Well House, which is clearly outside the fences.

Because to me it sure doesn't seem like a minor area.
I think most the shaking can be attributed to a case like pocket realm destruction when the creator die like which the place become unstable, disappear, and ultimately destroys; also all earthquakes are many kilometers deep underground but it was not my point.

The shaking in the surface is not that limited like this for real-life earthquakes, a large area upper around the city+ size are affected.
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