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(ONE MORE) Kenshi vs Eversor Assassin

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Both are at 8-B. Eversor doesn't have anything that's Low 5-B. 30 feet gap.

Kenshi -

Eversor Assassi -

Inconclusive - 6 (Wokistan, Dargoo Faust, Mr. Bambu, DMUA, Andy aka Schnee One, Stillwinston)

I'm sorry Kenshi, but I gotta end your spree here.

Kenshi takahashi
Of all the Assassin types, Eversors are the ones most likely to have an impressive lifting feat, or someone to scale to. Too bad I can't think of any RN. Does he TK absolutely everything, and how close in does he get? Exploding on death still applies to the 8-B version, it's just not a Low 5-B blast.
His entire moveset revolves around TKing people.

What do you mean how close? Like range
No I mean will he just totally paralyze everything or just throw him around or whatever

Let me find some explosion quotes, but they can get pretty big. Especialy as the OP apparentlylet him have melta bombs.
No, the Assassin himself explodes when he dies and will detonate all the bombs he has left to make his explosion even stronger. They can cripple/instakill beings superior to themselves like this pretty easily.
Eversors are probably baseline normally, though have durability negation. Explosions are strong enough to one shot people stronger than them, even more with melta bombs considering one of those can destroy a land raider if places right.
>can cut through atoms

The moment Vidicare is in range to cut Kenshi it gets its skeleton ripped out or gets ragdolled.
The gun doesn't negate durability unless he gets poison off. The explosive bolter side is good for anti armor though, designed to expose flesh for the poison darts.
Is kensji likely to kill the eversor up close though, because the death explosion is usable on 8-B and with the melta bombs as well Kenshi's not surviving that.
Xtasyamphetamine said:
Does the Eversor explode on death without him activating his bombs?
Yes, but as he's dying he'll set everything off at once to make it even more deadly. Eversors will go for the suicide bombing as well if their normal stuff isn't gonna work.
He doesn't have to specifically activate his death explosion, and it's generally gonna set off melta bombs he's carrying anyways even if he doesn't get to do that himself. When he dies, due to all the chemicals in his blood the ceasation of his immune system causes the explosion.
Oh yeah, forgot about the self-destruction.

What's the AP gap? Could Kenshi survive it?
Considering the eversor's carrying melta bombs, no. I'm going inconclusive, due to that. While there's the possibility of kenshi not going for melee, there's also the possibility of him not immedatelt TKing absolutely everything and the Eversor still being able to poison dart him to death, so those two should even out. If Eversor is TKed then melee killed, explodes and both die.
I believe the blast radius is more than his teleport range. Not sure though about the range of the explosion, but its guaranteed to kill Kenshi.
It's also not like he's gonna expect the eversor to just explode for no reason.
Reading the profile sounds more like the subject active all his grenades, is not like it has a power that makes it explode instantly, but I'm not sure.
Its not only the explosives. Due to their biology they just explode, holding the bombs enhances that but its still deadly with no melta bombs on hand.
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