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You know what. Fluffy and the rest of the cast ain't nearly as haxy. Let's make Fluffy fight Chelsia instead of naughty. She got upgraded. So it ain't a stomp.

Speed will be equal

Fluffys robots will be restricted, but will have everything else

Both start in range of each other

That's all, who wins?

Fluffy Bear:


Ehh. Who knows. I though Fluffy was a well rounded character. Not hacked crazy like Naughty, but not Meh like average bears.
Fair. So...hmm. His martial arts doesn't seem impressive due to lack of serious justification and some of his abilities seem to only be with prep? Or at least one or two
His martial arts is definitely impressive, just not extremely impressive. He can fight with naughty, and is just notably less skilled. Albiet, Naughty is immensely skilled. He also can fight with his robots, pirates, and soldiers. Most all bears share same level of skills. Which is taking on military, pirates, zombies, vampires, and even comparing to some ancient creatures

some of his abilities like resurrection/immortality is just with prep. He won't have his robots either. But like energy projection and size Manipulation don't need prep
If every bear can take on a military than what's the point of a military- Seems a little whack to me.

Either way if they start in range that's pretty good. The AP advantage isn't even a two times advantage either, and Chel has a good amount of versatility going for her and maneuverability.
The ones who are brave enough. Quite a few cowards, or just ones who plan decide they wanna be an actor or something

It is 2 times. Fluffy scales to 3 tons. Also versatility? Isn't most of her attacks just swinging that arm in a different manor
Morphing, jumping around, chest slam, become so durable odds are fluffy can't hurt him, saucy shot, shockwave pound. It's a versatile move set but obviously if you describe it like that it sounds far less impressive. You can say that to describe literally anything my dude.

Anyways, way past Type 8? How likely is it?
I mean, 3 of those is all the same thing, morphing , Chest slam, and durability thing is all just the chest morph. Regardless, I mean, fluffys got a lot to work with in his arsenal too.

By KO, incapacitate, or Shrink. Which KO is definitely possible and definitely happening if he doesn't do it the first time. Resurrection wouldn't even surprise him since that's common in Naughty Bear. Assuming she is even close enough for it. Shrinking is definitely possible too since her arm is an eyesore of obviousness to its danger. Someone as smart as him shrinking it down is definitely something he would think of. Incapacitate is the lead plausible one, since he doesn't tend to use his LS to hold people down.
Oh wait. Standard Assumptions would put it in a place she wouldn't have her checkpoints really anyway
Even then physically restraining someone doesn't count as incap because you're putting effort into it so that's not going to work. KO, I dunno if that'd happen the first time. Would he go for a kill first becuase if so that's gonna he bad for him, and if he shrinks her arm...I mean she can already shape shift it. It's possible she could turn back, and that's via a gun right? It's just as possible to just dodge it, especially if he has to pull out said weapon.
Hard to tell. Probably, but he would use range at the start. He just would have it figured out pretty quickly. Since resurrection isn't new. If anything. He may not go for the kill because of that being so common where he is.

And that's gonna be a big no. We can't assume it would undo the effects. No reason we should. And that's kinda the logic of oh, fluffy could just dodge Chels attacks. I mean, they could yes, but have to consider what will happen in the fight.

Also. As I brought up. Just above. Standard Assumptions would put it in a place she wouldn't have her checkpoints really anyway
And dodging attacks is pretty likely to happen in a fight. Dunno what to tell you there. Also that's going on the assumption that he'd think Chel would act like a bear even though she's clearly not a bear so I can see him going for a kill first just to see if she'd actually like, die.

Depending on how the gun works though it might be easy to dodge. If it's like a laser beam sort of thing then that's a real issue because that could be predictable if it's one continuous beam. Also they both start in range, meaning that Chel could easily close the distance with what seems like better maneuverability. I dunno how useful guns and such are gonna be at that point.
It is. But that doesn't automatically negate the attack from the argument. And because everything else he has seen has the same type of immortality. He is extremely smart. Not like he would go making blind assumptions or even being remotely surprised to a common ability they share. And this point is still mute for what I've said again.

That's highly incorrect. That's the equivalent of saying a gun is easy to dodge cause it's predictable. It's predictability depends on the user and one dodging it. A laser would be no easier to dodging a bullet for a character. (The laser technically is harder via being faster). And I promise you, being shot from close range, especially when you have far less time to react, is still very deadly
...I don't think it works like that

They are in New York. We have no reason to say she has a checkpoint there. It's not even like she knows the fights coming. And it's far from where they actually come from.
Buttersamuri said:
...I don't think it works like that
They are in New York. We have no reason to say she has a checkpoint there. It's not even like she knows the fights coming. And it's far from where they actually come from.

I swear we don't do that for something like Dark Souls or whatever
I see Fluffy opening fire with his gun. If Chel doesn't immediately push through without getting shot, fluffy gets some distance and they have to play the range Game

If she can get up close, they would go into melee combat. And it's more so skill, physicality, and all that stuff. Which now that I think of it. The Leg Oh Beef is gonna be a hella pain to Chel
It varies what we do honestly. I think I need to make a thread on that asking. I see Steve consistently being given both ends in his fights.
The what of what?

I think Chel could get through ten meters without taking too much damage is I'm tbh. They don't start that far apart and a simple dash should honestly close the distance. So tell me you say that him using his gun at close range was likely (or implied so in previous post), but now you're saying he'd switch to a range weapon. Which one is it?
A giant Leg of beef. Which has some pretty dang good reach.

One simple dash would not close that distance. She doesn't cover that much with one dash. He could do either. I didn't say face to face he would use a gun. I said that a gun from that close range is still gonna be fatal. If they are a little distance, he would still use it, face to face tho would resort to melee
Actually yes, it probably would, and I have reasons to say this. Basically they start several meters apart because they start in range of each other, meaning several meters apart. Unless Fluffy immediately backs away, well...Chel's dash covers quite a bit of ground. If it doesn't close the distance entirely it does enough to where she can start punching or otherwise. Also they're already like, subsonic or so. That amount of distance is nothing either way and would be crossed within a second, but I suppose that's besides the point.

Chel's dash causes her to move about the same distance the saucy shot moves, so if they start in her range odds are a dash would close the distance Damn well.
That's typically what they do when they are trying to shoot. As I brought up above, he tends to try and make distance when using range.

I'm skeptical to believe that. From what I saw, it doesn't go that far.
I played the game a lot my dude. It covers a lot of distance, and consecutive dashes and dash jumps (which cover so much distance it's ******* insane becuase Chel was designed to be incredibly mobile) should cross it in no time, even if Fluffy backs away some. Odds are Chel's just gonna get there before he can amount to much with his gun, and probably blast a saucy shot in his direction along the way.
Unless she can also move herself around while dashing forward (which she can't), she is dashing right into a bullet. And, if she is able to get a saucy shot off. He definitely is getting bullets in. Or lasers in.

And up close combat still isn't gonna be so good due to the hole Leg of Beef. Which has way longer reach than Chel
What makes you think she can't move herself around while dashing? She can jump while dashing, and she's from a 2D platformer so of course we don't see her moving on a three dimensional plane but in that case you can just argue she moves in a straight line forever.

Uh...how much longer? It's literally just a leg of like an animal. Is it several meters in length
She moves only straight when doing it. Once she starts the dash. She can't change her course. There's no reason to assume she can't suddenly move different directions while doing it.

It's taller than Naughty bear himself by a bit, and naughty is 6 feet.
I mean we can argue she could move left or right in the middle of a dash. Not a 90 degree angle or anything but something more slight I suppose. The game being 2D just kinda means...that it's harder to get a 3D spectrum of things.

So like two meters I guess but how do we know he'd start with that
Can't really. No indication she can. The charge attack seems that once she is charging, she is going that direction, and it isn't changing. We shouldn't assume otherwise. Even if it's a 2D game. There's no evidence to back it up. So we shouldn't consider it to work like that when it doesn't show to.

If she gets up close, that's like the best weapon he can use. Why wouldn't he use it is more the question. Longest reach, one of the strongest weapons he has, possibly the strongest melee wise.
I'd argue otherwise but whatever I guess. It's not that important. A simple dash jump can close the distance, she can stop dashes pretty quickly with chest form so I think it's fine.

I guess but he's also going to have to worry about the saucy shot from that distance, which will be a lot easier to hit since she's up close now, less time to travel
At that close range. No. She ain't dashing then cheating in time to avoid a laser or bullet from that range. That is way too close for her not to get shot. Honestly she would get shot mid dash. She wouldn't really have a chance for going chest mode.

He would. Be she would have to worry about being slapped around by that giant leg. They also guard in combat. They have blocked attacks coming from naughty bear. He could block or take the hits from the saucy shot
Seems a bit speculative to say that, especially if she starts jumping which covers much more ground and allows her to access chest form even sooner because it technically speaking breaks the dash animation while preserving her momentum. I just think she can close the distance simply enough.

A block is cool and all but blocking still means you're taking hits from the attack, all the same. Guarding in combat is cool and all but you're still taking some of the attack. A giant leg like that also sounds like it'd be pretty easy to avoid, or at least tell when you have to move out of the way.
Even assuming she gets close, the melee combat is about skill, Durability, and Strength. Fluffy would seem to have them all. He is taking hits which don't do much of any damage when he blocks considering his blocks can negate damage from naughty. Who's stronger than Chel. And that argument is just as fair as saying her arm is easy to avoid. Cause the thing looks so obvious. It's way easier to predict. The leg at least has longer range, and is notably bigger, making dodging it harder.
But Chel has more mobility, so she's obviously going to have an easier time dodging attacks than this dude is going to, so it's not entirely the same argument. Both have very obvious melee attacks, it's just that Chel also has more she can do at a melee range such as knocking him off balance or firing a blast in his direction, and he cannot dodge or block forever (and yes you can use that same argument for a Chel, thank you for being so astute), it's just that Chel has more options in close range than this dude does with one weapon
Chel has mobility. Fluffy has skill, range, strength, durability, and to my understanding, experience. Just cause she is more mobile, doesn't make her untouchable. It's a considerably big weapon with long range, honestly, avoiding it is gonna be really hard if she goes up close. If she is in front of him. She ain't dodging it. It's too long, and too big. Knocking his balance off is not gonna happen. At least not as often as Fluffy could make that happen himself. LS and superior strength and durability would make that too hard. Especially since he is the more skilled fighter. She doesn't really have more options. He has way more melee weapons to work with. Blades, sharp end, blunt, longer weapons. She can punch different ways, they all are blunt attacks, not as much range, not as much power, and more predictable. His attacks won't be as predictable. Even with his weapon being large, and even with her being able to see it, doesn't mean she has an answer to it. If she's too close. That's gonna slap her just from size and range
Ahem, let me pick this apart real quick.

The ap and durability difference is hardly even times two from what I see so that's not the best argument especially considering Chel could even go berserk to make up for the AP gap without being brutalized for taking double damage, which would actually make her stronger than before. The only thing that would be correct is that he has more durability.

Range doesn't matter. He's going to engage in a close range battle with Chel some point rather than later, considering Chel can quite quickly close that gap so I don't see that as an issue. Especially when they start in each other's range? That's going to be totally irrelevant.

Experience is meh because she's fought people with far more experience than her, and before you mention the predictable boss patterns or whatever yada yada it doesn't matter, they are more experienced than her. Is Fluffy a boss fight? Does he have predictable patterns? I'd love to know.

also, no. That is straight up just...wrong. Having more lifting strength doesn't stop the ground from shaking, being stronger doesn't stop the ground from shaking. None of those things stops the ground from shaking which Chel can do with a simple shockwave attack. Unless he's for some reason grabbing onto the ground, that's not going to happen. He's going to be knocked off balance.

Switching weapons at all is going to be a problem for him, as that takes time, time he could have spent beating on Chel, and time he's going to spend getting hit at least once or twice. That's just how switching weapons works and why that's normally a terrible idea when you're in actual melee range. Chel's saucy shot has more range than any of his melee weapons, and it's pretty predictable to know what you're going to do with a weapon, especially a hunk of meat.
Don't try and gloss over the AP like it doesn't have much an effect because it does. Even when the AP is twice as strong, that's still a difference which helps. In durability too. Her berserker mode does help make her stronger. But the effects it has against her is gonna end her badly. Double damage on someone already twice as strong. But this doesn't alone decide it.

Range does matter as even if the guns range don't have much effect. The melee weapons will have a good effect. Which he has longer reach and a bigger area covered due to his weapon being big

Yes it does matter, She fought people with more experience who weren't nearly as skilled. Even the average bear takes on pirates, aliens, zombies, and military. He can fight with robots designed to go toe to toe with naughty. And not really no. Not that type of game.

Also incorrect. He can hold his own balance, shaking the ground won't amount to much at all if he can hold his ground. She would have to shake it enough to where he couldn't hold his ground and balance which she couldn't do. Him holding his body in place would definitely help against it.

If she is that close to him. Then she is not where she wants to be. Cause a giant leg is smacking her clear in the face. Saucy shots are more predictable and take time. Plus the range would give him time to block or avoid. And by that logic. She sucks at melee entirely cause all her hits are entirely predictable. No. It isn't that simple. Weapons large, but he knows what he is doing with it. He is a more skilled fighter than Chel is: its about their skills and how they can predict their opponent and use their weapons to their advantage. His may be big. But that's also an advantage. It's long and big, she gets up close and gets getting hit. Doesn't really matter if she sees the swinging coming, if she's already that close, it's hitting her. It's too long, and too big. Also should note his intelligence could easily figure out her patterns and find the weaknesses. Such as her dash causing her to go that direction and not change. Which would be a quick thing for him to notice and put together, considering his intelligence