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New Staff Promotions

AKM sama

Always Kinda Magnetic
VS Battles
Human Resources
Hoi hoi!

It is time for another batch of staff promotions. On behalf of all the bureaucrats, I am happy to announce the new additions to the staff hivemind team, after getting input from most of our staff members.

Content Moderator: @ElixirBlue

Thread Moderators: @QuasiYuri

Calculation Group: @Psychomaster35
and @Amelia_Lonelyheart (Amelia reassumed this position after many years)

Image Helper: @Dark-Carioca

These are well deserved promotions and I am glad that they will be shouldering increased responsibilities in their new positions. Congratulations to all of them, and please make them feel welcome below.

@Nullflowerblush was also offered the Calc Group position, but couldn't accept at the moment.


ElixirBlue should read the Content Moderators instructions page.

QuasiYuri should read the Thread Moderators instructions page.

Psychomaster35 And Amelia Lonelyheart should read the Calculation Group page and the calculations related instructions pages linked on the front page.

Dark-Carioca should read the Image Helpers page.

They all should read the Advice to the staff of the VS Battles wiki.
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Maintenance worker
VS Battles
Okay. No problem. I did not want us to risk to cause a hostile argument.

I have deleted the derailing posts.
Oh, I'm late i saw new staff promotions.
Congratulations staff!
Giving thumbs up :)
Content Moderator: ElixirBlue
Thread Moderators: QuasiYuri
Calculation Group: Pschomaster35 and Amelia_Lonelyhear
Image Helper Dark-Carioca