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Since Natsu is currently fight both Luffy and Ichigo we might as well get it over with and finish the Shonen Trinity.

KCM Naruto VS x792 Natsu

Speed unequalized

Winner by any means necessary


Naruto: 6


Manga X792 Natsu
Naruto's Nine-tails chakra mode
Natsu is 2 Gigatons

Naruto is far above a guy who can one-shot 600 Megatons

So Natsu has around a 3x AP advantage here
Natsu has the AP advantage, yes.

On the other side, Naruto is way more versatile, smart and has hax to compensate for the difference.
Naruto can dodge sub rel attacks when they were centimeters from his face and can amp his speed even more
Yea I think Naruto wins via clone spam, rasenshuriken attacking on cellular level, regen, emotion sense, and speed advantage(he can also use shuunshin to enhance his speed) so I guess Naruto can make up the AP difference.

Also I heard kcm Naruto might be upgraded soon too? To High 7-A I believe...
Ninja boy FRA. He also has emotion sensing to dodge attacks Natsu uses and is very battle smart. He is used to fighting stronger opponents thus would use a lot of trickery to win.
I'm not being mean or anything like that but there's no point in having Naruto vs Natsu since the latter doesn't really have had since a he's power based while Naruto is both power and hax.

Also there suppose to be a revision coming up