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Naruto Uzumaki vs Pegasus Seiya but hear me out...

Okay, so before the moderators close this thread and says it's a complete shitstomp for Seiya I wanna start a Fun and Games thread. I'm putting Naruto against Seiya with all status equalized (includes AP, speed, lifting strength, striking strength, durability, stamina, and range). Since I know all status equalized isn't allowed I'm putting this in fun and games board. So yeh, this ain't a spite thread.

Six Path Sage Mode Naruto vs God Cloth Seiya with 9th sense, all status equalized.

Let the show begin!


Legendary Saint:

Ok, by SBA, they Start in their Strongest, which is 2-C, the problem with that is... Naruto's rasengans will not damage seiya in a point where he gets even close to getting hurt, because they both have the same AP, Dura, Speed, etc.

Then Seiya uses Pegasus Ryusei Ken, that procs passive matter manipulation, which ignore durability, and as naruto has no defense to matter manip whatsoever.

Naruto becomes quantums.

Stomp for Seiya.

Edit: If naruto ever comes close to killing seiya (that being basically impossible), He just comes back via immortality.