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Most powerful version of 'humanity' in fiction?


It can be something like :

1. An entire race of nigh-omnipotent multiverse busters that was descended from Earth humans. Essentially : Humans-In-Name-Only , when in actuality they are nearer to existences like Outer Gods (Cthulhu Mythos)


2. Human civilization with normal squishy humans, but they have access to ridiculously advanced technology that allows them to contend with cosmic beings. The human civilization must not be schizophrenic in technology like in DC/Marvel comics. So DC and Marvel human civilizations are automatically disqualified.

Few examples might be in order :

• Earth Humans from Gurren Lagann. Heck, its not even limited to humans. Every living being can access Spiral Power which allows them to dish out cosmic level attacks.

• Humans from Saint Seiya during Mythical Age. All of them have access to Seventh Sense.

It does not need to have existing profile on this wiki. But you can provide the general Tier info of such faction.