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Monster Hunter vs The Ancestor (Darkest Dungeon)

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So Ancestor beat your party, but you got a trump card. Monster Hunter shows up and takes on Ancestor.

Speed is equalised, we are going with 5-A keys and Standard Battle Assumptions.

Monster Hunter - 0

Ancestor - 0

Inconclusive - 0
what stops madness hax

Also does homeboy have a soul

This may or may not be a stomp since MH is mostly haxless, but I'll watch for now
Well Monster Hunter has Power Null, would that work?. Ancestor may not have a soul as he's described as being "A mere avatar of the heart." so its more like the heart has a soul but the Ancestor doesn't. Regardless I don't believe MH is helpless in this matchup, he can strike harder based off how smart his opponent is so I reckon he'd hit Ancestor pretty hard at any rate. Something like that was discussed in his Mewtwo matchup
Powerless against hax is a possibility. If it lacks a soul, MH lacks a fair amount of ground here.

Especially since MH is haxless and scales to 22.49 Yottatons vs 2.87 Ninatons.

That's a difference of a little over 125x.

It's more a fraction of 2.87 Ninatons

However I dunno if Powernull shuts down shapeshifting, and if it does revert things to it's base form, he's going to basically rip out his own eyes and scream bloody murder.
Power Null is based on contact. The AP advantage destroys beforehand. Hunter literally cannot harm Ancestor.

To be clear, if this wasn't an Avatar, then maybe. A rough maybe, as soulhax could work. But as it stands Hunter has literally no win condition. Is there any feasible reason to not consider this an absurd stomp since, and I'll say it again, Monster Hunter is 99.9% haxless.
>99.9% haxless

Fork let him incon Delsin then
The 0.1%.

Power Null + Soul Destroying.
I don't think power null would really work on the madness manip anyways considering it's due to his form being something that is not healthy for the mind to view, as well as his actual mental attacks.

Yeah if his AP is bad and power null is contact based, he can't really do much and just dies when Ancestor raises his hand.
Power null is on magic/biological stuff, and I'm pretty certain Darkest Dungeon magic is different than Monster Hunter magic.

So yeah Ancestor AP/hax stomps.
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