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Content Revision to Monster Hunter giving Amatsu Electricity Manipulation

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Ok so I'm new here so bear with me if this comes out a bit sloppy. So, in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Amatsu has had some tweaks done to its move set this includes improvements to its move set like better tracking for moves and improved animations for its wind and water-based attacks. However, Amatsu's new move set also adds several new lighting-based attacks into its move set. Here's a link to a video from YouTube showing parts of the fight where Amatsu uses electricity.
To further back up this Content Revision here's a link to a website that details all a monster's stats, moves, and various info on the monster and on Amatsu's page it lists several lightning-based attacks. https://monsterhunterrise.wiki.fextralife.com/Amatsu. On top of the previous two links here's a third for a YouTube video from a channel that does monster vs monster fights where Sunbreak Amatsu fights Narwa and Amatsu shows several more lightning based moves not shown in the first linked video. .
Finally, to be extra through I'm linking the Monster Hunter Wiki Page for Amatsu where under its abilities in the final part it says Amatsu can "harness the lightning from the storms to smite foes". https://monsterhunter.fandom.com/wiki/Amatsu I hope all of this justifies Amatsu getting electricity manipulation added to its abilities page on the Wiki.
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"Bear" with me, hah. Koala.

Seems extremely simple, I accept, and feel this can probably be put through with just my acceptance given this seems very self evident. I will however still call @DMUA in as another Monster Hunter guy.

Do note that to put through revisions, there is a grace period of 48 hours from thread creation.
Ok thanks for looking this over and for letting me know about the 48-hour grace period for revisions. I look forward to working on and seeing more of the Monster Hunter content on this Wiki in the future.
So now that this Content revision has been approved do I have to close this thread? If I do have to close this thread, how do I do that or if I can't who do I contact to close the thread?
Nope, just wait out the 48 hours and see if anyone objects. After that, I (or some other staff member) can close it.
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