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Leon S Kennedy (Resident Evil 4) VS Austin Theory (WWE)
  • Starting DIstance: 7 Meters
  • 9-B Keys
  • Leon is only equipped with his combat knife
  • Austin Theory knows Leon has a knife from the get go and is equipped with any weapon he wants within the wrestling ring from the very start.
  • Battle takes place within Wrestlemania 38 (WWE ring)
  • Speed Equalized

Leon Kennedy:
Austin Theory:
El Gigante stomps them both:
Since all of Leon's stuff is in standard equipment and even has some of it listed in his powers and abilities, I don't think you can restrict any of it, methinks.
Well, for starters, Austin Theory was a bodybuilding champion at the age of 17. Here's an image of him in that bodybuilding competition. Keep in mind he was only 17 at the time. Now that he’s a full time professional wrestler at the age of 25, there’s no doubt in my mind that Theory is in full peak condition, making him physically superior to a lot of the wrestlers in the roster, as well as one of the most athletically gifted.

Theory was stated by commentary to have been blessed with all of the tools an athlete can hope for, and is a true prodigy in the world of professional wrestling. This already shows the massive amounts of potential/skill Theory has.

To start things off with a bang, there’s this new wrestler called Axiom. In this promo, he’s billed as someone who can quickly analyze and react to anything thanks to his gift for mathematics, which he uses to defeat wrestlers in the ring. Yes, this guy uses mathematical formulas while in the middle of a match to defeat his opponents. Keep in mind, this guy struggles with NXT wrestlers, while Austin Theory has fought on par with and defeated some of the best wrestlers in the business, so Theory is likely far superior to the likes of Axiom, which is already extremely impressive in itself.

Theory on his debut NXT match was able to fight on par with Roderick Strong. Strong has over 20 years of experience as a wrestler, and was nicknamed The Master of the Backbreaker, due to his ability to constantly target the opponent's back in wrestling matchups.

Theory was also able to hold his own against the likes of Aleister Black, who was trained in Pencak Silat and Kickboxing from the ages 9 to 15.

Austin Theory defeated Ricochet in only a couple of minutes. Ricochet is notorious for using his absurd levels of acrobatics and quick reflexes to blitz, overwhelm, and defeat his opponents.

Austin Theory has also fought on par with the likes of Dexter Lumis, who has shown to have a "Sixth Sense" that allows him to fight while blindfolded.

Theory was able to give Bobby Lashley a good run for his money. Bobby Lashley has a very good mixed martial arts background, having a record of 15-2, defeating the likes of Joshua Franklin in 41 seconds (TKO), and Mike Cook in 24 seconds (Submission). He even defeated James Thompson, who at that point, had over a decade of experience in mixed martial arts. Lashley defeated him in 54 seconds via TKO.

Theory was also able to give AJ Styles a good run for his money. AJ Styles is the same guy who was able to beat John Cena clean. Cena is the same guy who looked like was about to beat Brock Lesnar before getting interrupted. Brock Lesnar was an Amateur Wrestler, and a Mixed Martial Artist career, which he uses, along with his Amateur Wrestling background to decimate his opponents. Lesnar had a record of 106-5 in his 4 years of college wrestling at the NCAA, as well as winning the NCAA Division I Heavyweight Championship. Lesnar also ended the iconic 21-year Wrestlemania win streak of The Undertaker.

After a hard-hitting, physical match, Theory was able to defeat Dolph Ziggler clean. Ziggler has a great amateur wrestling background. Ziggler set the record for most pins in St. Edward High School with 82 pins. When he was a wrestler at Kent State University, he at one point, held the record for most career wins in the team's history, earning 121 wins (the record was soon broken, but this still says a lot for how skilled Theory is).

Theory was able to trade blows with the likes of Drew McIntyre. McIntyre is the same guy who had wars with the likes of Sheamus. In fact, while participating in a grueling ‘Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook’ match, McIntyre was even capable of kicking out of The Brogue Kick. The Brogue Kick is one of the most dangerous moves in all of Pro Wrestling. A referee suffered chronic neck pain when hit with the move. The Brogue Kick was stated to cause extreme nerve damage and tingling in the extremities of the victim. A move this dangerous was something that Drew McIntyre kicked out of, and Theory traded blows with McIntyre.

Theory was able to defeat Finn Balor for the United States Championship, becoming the youngest US Champion in WWE history. Now here's where I go talking about Finn Balor's skill.

Theory also has Accelerated Development. He Went from having severe skill disadvantages against Johnny Gargano to the point where he was called "predictable" to slowly finding ways to adapt throughout the fight, even finding ways to quickly counter moves that originally caught him off guard. The commentary team states that Theory was "learning on the go" throughout the match. Johnny Gargano's fighting style revolves around combining British Chain Wrestling, Lucha Libre, and Puroresu into a fighting style he likes to call "Lucharesu".

Finn Balor defeated Pete Dunne, who's fighting style revolves around brawling, stiff strikes, submission grappling, and bending of his opponents fingers (Small Joint Manipulation), which will leave someone extremely handicapped in a fight, especially since wrestling is all about striking, grappling and holding, and you can't do that without functioning fingers. Pete Dunne was also the same guy who was able to solo the entire Undisputed Era by himself, and the group has been regarded as one of the most dominant factions in WWE history. The group ended up winning all of the gold in NXT at one point.

Balor was also able to give Roman Reigns a good run for his money. Roman Reigns became the 2nd man to defeat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

The Undertaker is considered the greatest pure striker in Sports Entertainment history. Even the likes of Kurt Angle was scared to take a punch from him.

If ya don't know Kurt Angle, he's notorious for winning a gold medal with a broken neck, who is this skilled, and was named the greatest shoot wrestler ever.
Ngl, i feel even with those stuff for Theory, i feel Leon still triumpth in skill, the man has been trained by the goverment from a mere rookie to straight up the best agent there in short periode of time
He also went toe-on-toe with Krauser who is a long-duty soldier and even defeated him in his mutated mode

Also Leon will be familiar with Wrestling well, the man suplexed a zombie/ganado numerous time lel

I might missed some so you guys can correct me
Leon is, at the very least, far more demonstrably better and skilled, especially once you remember that Leon can fight Chris and even draw later down the line, and acrobatics it isn't even a contest. Theory might have some edges here and there, but when put in action, Leon def doing more complex stuff.

Leon also holds a LS advantage by like, 20 times over (Class 10), so Theory ain't winning in grappling, if the wrestler tries to wrestle Leon he's getting put under, especially given Leon has actual military training and thus knows a bunch of technical and useful holds and locks.

Leon is also straight-up stronger, it's 600kj vs super casual 1.5mj, Leon holds nearly a 3x stat advantage without much effort, and he do be kind of a stone wall.

Leon, as mentioned previously, eclipses in acrobatics but also mobility, he's simply way more mobile, doing flips, sweeps, and running off walls and shit.

Theory has some useful stuff like mimicry and accel del, but Leon is also Leon, he's not dragging this shit on, the fact Theory starts off with multiple notable disadvantages against a dude who is trained to kill, and will kill, and do so right away if optimal, is kind of a red flag and when combined with a decent AP, LS and mobility advantage, and probably even skill (At the very least, he's outskilling by magnitudes with a knife and Theory doesn't exactly have the skill to counter him or disarm him), Leon should win like, at worst, mid diff, and that's ignoring Leon beat Krauser.
I also noticed Leon does suplex kills in RE6 as well, well... Jake does the actual move, Leon does a variation of it iirc, imagine the experience advantage if RE6 Leon was used here--
Chris is lame and his choices are garbage throughout the series. Arguably the most dullest Resident evil character Jake Muller was more entertaining than him.
Idk man, I opened the profile, and the only number listed was like 600kj.

Either way Leon is 9-B+, I was just going with the minimum values on each, so he's still like 3x.
yes he is 9-B +,and the 1.5 Megajoule literally can't reach to that,the 12.886 is the ap that the zombie generate and leon definitely scale above it
It better not be the Chris I know...
I mean both are straight up garbage..... one's character is the shit on the company that made him famous with rinse and repeat gimmicks the other one was sooo dull and lame to the point thet tried to show him as a badass by punching a Boulder and guess what it didn't do shit, No wonder his story was garbage in RE6 as well only thing he did was stole spotlight away from Jake.

I think both are just old.... washed up....Uncharismatic and just WELL past their prime.
I mean both are straight up garbage..... one's character is the shit on the company that made him famous with rinse and repeat gimmicks the other one was sooo dull and lame to the point thet tried to show him as a badass by punching a Boulder and guess what it didn't do shit, No wonder his story was garbage in RE6 as well only thing he did was stole spotlight away from Jake.

I think both are just old.... washed up....Uncharismatic and just WELL past their prime.

As true as you might be about the state Jericho is in right now, we still finna jump you.