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Is Ddraig at his prime stronger than Crom Cruach?

I've been wondering about this for a long time, because according to Ddraig's supposed wiki Azazel stated him and Albion at their prime are stronger than the evil dragons including crom. Meanwhile on Crom Cruach's wiki it says he surpasses both of them.
Azazel's statement is technically correct, but outdated. It's from the early stages of the Evil Dragon War, when they didn't know about Crom's current condition. Heavenly Dragons were stronger when Crom was serving under Balor.

After Lugh killed Balor, Crom decided to travel around the world and finally surpassed the Heavenly Dragons after many years of training and a countless amount of battles.

So, Ddraig was indeed stronger thousands of years ago but Crom has surpassed him during the time he's been sealed.
Then we had crom in novel vs Ddraig that manifested as a sacred gear and capalbe of holding his own despite not havng his full fledge body.
Yeah, he's stronger than both of them in their prime. He has the edge in physicals and aura attacks, but not by much though. Vali, Issei and Ddraig can still fight against him and significantly damage him. In his match against Ddraig, both of them suffered around the same level of damage.

Actually, Ddraig has gotten his physical body back. He's able to manifest in his physical form because of Amrita.
That last part, he did manifest on his physical body but it was hinted that wasnt really his true body as his body was basically like a juggernaut drive body not really his full fledge before he was sealed. Then again if Ddraig without being at his prime level could damage Crom who had gotten stronger and supposedly be stronger than Ddraig at his prime and still able to damage him and made him spilled blood and have the same damage as he did then it contradicts the statement.
There's no such statement to my knowledge. Ddraig is at his prime and both him and Albion have admitted that Crom is stronger than them.

(Just paraphrasing since I can't get the quotes right now)

Volume 24:

This guy's attacks surpass even Hyoudou Issei's Dragon Deification.

Albion: This Evil Dragon has surpassed both me and Ddraig when we were alive. With just his aura, physical attacks and fire breath, he can overwhelm you.

Keep in mind that this is referring to versions of Issei and Vali that are on par with Heavenly Dragons.

True DxD Volume 1:

(talking to Crom) You might be stronger than me, but it's not a problem. I can catch up to you as we fight. Don't underestimate a Heavenly Dragon.

It's also important to note that other Evil Dragons like Apophis and Azi Dahaka explicitly became on par with the Heavenly Dragons, and Crom is stronger than both of them.
Firstly, it's only been stated that Crom Cruach's physical abilities have surpassed DDraig. Despite that, ddraig fought crom crauch to a standstill (given that fafnir destroyed his arm). To be honest, I highly doubt Ddraig is at his prime. Even at ddraogs prime he was constantly imrproving himself with albion, so its not really fair to put them against crom. Also he doesn't have his original flesh body in the fight against crom, it's looks more like an armour type / JD type of body not his actual original flesh body. It's clearly stated that him and albions **flesh** bodies were completely destroyed when the leaders of the 3 factions teamed together to defeat them. They still put up a good fight. This really isn't a fair fight. Crom cruach had time to train for years and had countless battles whereas ddraig was sealed for centuries, and in one of the rare occasions he was released with not his original body he still faught crom to a standstill(granted crom was injured from a previous fight). If crom ascended a dragon tier after years of training and fights, it's reasonable to assume ddraig and albion themselves would've ascended into around ophis tier just below great red. So basically, yes crom crauch is stronger only granted he was given countless time to train and fight. Whereas ddraig was sealed for centuries. It's like goku, has his body destroyed, and doesn't fight for centuries. Then gohan gets to train for years, and surpasse ultra instinct, being injured yes, but goku still fights him to a stand still. Everyone must commend ddraig for this.
Let me shorten it. Heres what im saying basically. Yes, crom cruach is stronger than ddraig, a ddraig who hasn't fought for centuries and doesn't have his original body back. It's clearly stated his original body was completely destroyed. And he still fought crom to a standstill. If you gave ddraig and albion the same amount of time to train he would've done the same thing to crom as he did to typhon and apollon.
I take back what I said about ddrai and albion could possible reach ophis prime level. She is the 2nd stroges character behind great re they're level can never be reached.
That is partially true, Great Red is defined as the strongest being in the Highschool DxD universe. Ophis and Trihexa can rival him, but not beat him so it's fair to say that he is the strongest, it's sort of implied through the series and it says that in the fandom wiki as well so.
My point is that the fact that it took crom cruach many years of training and countless battles whilst ddraig was sealed for centuries and doesn't have his original body to just surpass him only in physical abilities. The thing is, Ddraig and Albions "Prime" can't be measured. Their prime was when they constantly battled eachother, always improving so they could get one over eachother. If this continued to happen even the combined 3 leaders couldn't stop their battles, so i assume they temporarily band for the reason to stop them becoming too powerful.
Ddraig literally fights on par with, albeit an injured, crom cruach despite croms "PHYSICAL" abilities surpassing ddraig. Thats what it says in the fandom. Even if crom had his arm back I still think it would've been a stalemate. So unless we see something in the series that says crom completely surpasses ddraig in all aspects they are equal for now.
Vali Dracia Lucifer said:
That is partially true, Great Red is defined as the strongest being in the Highschool DxD universe. Ophis and Trihexa can rival him, but not beat him so it's fair to say that he is the strongest, it's sort of implied through the series and it says that in the fandom wiki as well so.
I don't know anything what series and fandom wiki you read, but in canon DxD Ophis and Great stated to be equal to each other many times over. They both Dragon Gods and both slitty above Trihexa. Also power of infinity stated to be strongest power in the world. So GR = prime Ophis.

And Crom stronger than Draig and Albion. His flame breath stronger than Draig one boosted by "Double" ability. Draig fight on par with him thanks to Penetrate ability. Yes Crom still HD class, but he stronger than HD at their prime according to themself many times over.
Not many times over, that's a stretch, he's fairly stronger than them. All I'm saying is that ddraig and albions "prime" is when they were constantly battling and improving against eachother so it's not really measurable since it's a more or less constant rise.
The fact that it took quite some years for crom to reach ddraigs level proves hownstrong ddraig and albion are. If you gave both ddraig and albion the same time to train and fight they'd be much stronger.