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Iruma revision

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Magic is pretty much reality warping is the power to realize imaginary things It is the power to realize imaginary things

Also shouldn`t he be atleast tier 7 he destoryed a barrier that could tank the explosion of the school with pandoraraa
I didn't know that this series had a page and even a character profile. I recall having read an explanation of Magic that goes along these lines so that might be alright depending on the wording and the context. Unfortunately the link doesn't seem to work for me.

The explosion that would destroy the school definitely needs a calculation. Simply guessing it to be tier 7 doesn't seem like the right thing to do in this case to me.
It works now. Reality Warping seems fine to me since that is how Magic works in the series. What I have seen from the link would also give Iruma a form of Transformation.
Regarding Iruma, I'm pretty sure that Danger Sense doesn't qualify for Supernatural Luck or Probability Manipulation. Iruma is simply good at dodging. I'd also like to know where Enhanced Senses come from. I don't think that Iruma was stated or implied to be comparable to Amelie either. The Resistance to Fire Manipulation should also not be on his page since Sullivan strengthened Iruma's hands specifically for the Cannon Ball Execution: https://********.org/chapter/83602/8. Saying that Iruma's throws can defeat Asmodeus isn't a good justification either since Iruma redirected Asmodeus throw back at him and this was a game of dodgeball.

The link that provides the justification for his Supersonic speed doesn't really provide much context outside of that one panel so I don't think that it actually justifies the speed rating. It might have been Aim Dodging after all if we don't know anything else about that situation.

Iruma should get Plant Manipulation from this: https://********.org/chapter/83597/18.
Maybe we should contact the supporters listed on the verse page even if there are only two of them.
Ionliosite said:
Can someone link me the scan of the explosion so I can request a calc?
It isn't that easy since the destruction of the school was prevented.
The problem is that we don't have so much to do with a ang-size, but it's clear that destroying babirus is at least 8-B.

I agree with probability manipulation being removed, only.

Regarding others it is irrelevant, after all if we are going to take away the justifications just because Sullivan amped iruma, this will only boild down to Iruma having the power to heal demons with his own blood, and to dodge from anything. Which means that we will don't have any info for the profile.
He still has access to it without being outright enhanced by Sullivan's magic.
Alonik said:
He can barely control the Ring without Sullivan's magic.
He has trouble controlling it? If I recall it right, Sullivan adjusted Iruma's ring so that he could control the power output of the magic he uses with it and he is the one who provided the magic stored in the ring. Aside from that, I have the impression that Iruma can control the ring just fine.
The point is not if Iruma can release the magic of the ring, but in the frist arc we are discussing, he can not control the ring of devouring the magic of everything, so Sullivan has to keep feeding the king with his own magic, and let the ring stable for iruma to use.

You recommended, for example, Plant Manipulation for Iruma, but in the page before that it was Sullivan magic who did iruma the right to do that plant manipulation.

And like i said, it takes Sullivan's Magicfor iruma properly control the ring.
Fair enough, but the Resistance against Fire Manipulation still has to go since that was a one-off thing that Sullivan did for Iruma and we have no confirmation of Iruma being able to use that particular spell on his own with the ring.
Tbh, i only watched the anime of that part, i haven't read it in the manga yet, i'm still reading the manga but in a very slow way cuz of other revisions for other works. But in the anime (just in the anime probably), it was hinted that Sullivan just improved Iruma's hands so he could learn how to catch the ball, and the feat against Alice it was by iruma himself.
Iruma redirected the ball in order to win at a dodgeball match. It certainly is a feat that he has done by himself but it doesn't apply to his Attack Potency. The manga is pretty good in my opinion. There are a lot of things that could be used for profiles.
The spell that prevents Iruma from tripping or falling fro one day might be worth a mention on his profile. What sort of power would that be?
You can ask Alonik and ChaosAyase~ to comment here again via their message walls.
Sorry, I meant that they are listed in the Mairimashita! Iruma-ku verse page. I had just helped out with a Jojo discussion and accidentally lost track.
What should have to do here is;

1) add these powers "Reality Warping, Transformation, Plant Manipulation" and remove Probability Manipulation.

About the size of Babirus, idk yet, because we don't have a certain size of iruma or another character to do pixel scalling. The tier 7 suggested by the OP doesn't make sense without a calc, but i'm fine with assuming Pandora magic being at least 8-B.

The spell that prevents Iruma from tripping or falling fro one day might be worth a mention on his profile. What sort of power would that be?

As far i know, this fit in supernatural luck, or am i wrong?

I don't think that it works via giving the user luck or manipulating probability. It straight up prevented Iruma from falling with Asmodeus and is what caused the suplex as a result.
Sorry, I've been busy with irl stuff, and I have time without reading the series.

I will give my opinion.

About Danger Sense, it makes sense to be Supernatural Luck, idk about Probability Manip, but Iruma's defense is said to be infinite, basically, he can never be damaged (I don't think it's a hyperbole). However, if Iruma has been damaged or received an attack, I would like you to provide proof, and so we can declare that simply Iruma is very good at dodging. Enhanced Senses I guess it comes from Danger Sense, but you could remove it because Instinctive Reaction is enough. Idk about Resistance to Fire Manipulation, I don't remember much about it.

Iruma's scaling to Amelie can be removed, I guess. And say that Iruma can defeat Asmodeus, idk. I guess it could also be removed.

About supersonic speed, it's fine if you want to change it to Aim Dodging.

Btw, I don't agree with Reality Warping. The definition of magic is said as the power to do imaginary things in many verses (for example in various fantasy ranobes), and is not counted as Reality Warping. I personally don't consider Reality Warping. It's not a real change to reality, it only allows you to create abnormal things thanks to magic. If so, almost all verses with magic would have Reality Warping for doing things like fire manipulation or something.
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