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Important: Tier 6 revision project start


Maintenance worker
VS Battles
For the next few days the staff is going to revise the scaling of the tier 6 characters in this wiki.

While this is going on, regular members are not allowed to edit any profiles, but can talk in the forums as usual.

Here are the changes that need to be applied (Thanks to DontTalk for defining them):

Conventional Terms:

Before After
Large Country
or Small Continent
100 Teratons to 715 Teratons 100 Teratons to 430 Teratons
Large Country
or Small Continent+
715 Teratons to 1.33 Petatons 430 Teratons to 760 Teratons
Continent 1.33 Petatons to 500.665 Petatons 760 Teratons to 2.5975 Petatons
Continent+ 500.665 Petatons to 1 Exaton 2.5975 Petatons to 4.435 Petatons
Large or Multi-Continent 1 Exaton to 15.3 Exatons 4.435 Petatons to 14.8022175 Exatons
Large or Multi-Continent+ 15.3 Exatons to 29.6 Exatons 14.8022175 Exatons to 29.6 Exatons
Tons of TNT table:

Before After
Large Country
or Small Continent
1014 tons to 7.15x1014 tons 1014 tons to 4.3x1014 tons
Large Country
or Small Continent+
7.15x1014 tons to 1.33x1015 tons 4.3x1014 tons to 7.6x1014 tons
Continent 1.33x1015 tons to 5.00665x1017 tons 7.6x1014 tons to 2.5975x1015 tons
Continent+ 5.00665x1017 tons to 1018 tons 2.5975x1015 tons to 4.435x1015 tons
Large or Multi-Continent 1018 tons to 1.53x1019 tons 4.435x1015 tons to 1.48022175x1019 tons
Large or Multi-Continent+ 1.53x1019 tons to 2.96x1019 tons 1.48022175x1019 tons to 2.96x1019 tons
Joules Table:

Before After
Large Country
or Small Continent
4.184x1023 joules to 2.99156x1024 joules 4.184x1023 joules to 1.79912x1024 joules
Large Country
or Small Continent+
2.99156x1024 joules to 5.56472x1024 joules 1.79912x1024 joules to 3.17984x1024 joules
Continent 5.56472x1024 joules to 2.09478236x1027 joules 3.17984x1024 joules to 1.086794x1025 joules
Continent+ 2.09478236x1027 joules to 4.184x1027 joules 1.086794x1025 joules to 1.855604x1025 joules
Large or Multi-Continent 4.184x1027 joules to 6.40152x1028 Joules 1.855604x1025 joules to 6.193247802x1028 Joules
Large or Multi-Continent+ 6.40152x1028 Joules to 1.24x1029 Joules 6.193247802x1028 Joules to 1.24x1029 Joules
When going through the pages only the tiers High 6-B, 6-A and High 6-A need to be checked up.

The project will be handled by the following groups:

Team 1 (Profiles 1-300 in alphabetical order):


Lina Shields



Team 2 (Profiles 301-600 in alphabetical order):






Team 3 (Profiles 601-900 in alphabetical order):





Team 4 (Profiles 901-1195 in alphabetical order):




The real cal howard

It is recommended that each group select one of their personal message walls to talk amongst and organise themselves.

It is also recommended that whenever a staff member who does not have full editing access encounters a locked profile, they should inform the rest of the group, so an administrator or content moderator can handle it.
Does this mean we can start now?
Aizen and I have completed profiles 301-600. There were not many in this section that needed to be changed due to being on lower levels of Tier 6 or not having calcs. The ones that did though have been appropriately adjusted.
Right. I will contact the members of my team and let them know about this.

So just look at characters rated at: High 6-B, 6-A and High 6-A, right?
@Ryukama Okay. That was extremely quick. Feel free to help other groups as well.
@Ant Yeah. Like I said due to the majority of profiles not having the tiers needed to be adjusted, we were able to just go through it pretty fast. I will glady help out other groups tomorrow, but I need to go to sleep right now. Good night.
Just wanted to inform you that I've started going backwards from Z, as I'm part of the last group. But like Ryu, I also need to go to sleep, as its 4 AM where I am.
Agreed. Please follow Aizen's advice.
Okay. Thank you for the help.
The real cal howard said:
I went through pages 70 (Vivec) to 75 (Oetsu Nimaiya). For now I'll have to be finished, but I'll continue some more later.
Again, I must stress that you are supposed to go by alphabetic order, not by popularity.
I did. For some reason, he was at the bottom, right next to Zygarde. Everyone else was in alpahbetic. I guess he used to go by a different name. Regardless, he was island level, so he didn't require changimg
Just a heads up. Do we have to change just the tiering of characters with calcs, or do we have to change the ones that scale as well?

For example, if a character was calculated to be High 6-A via calc, all the characters that scale to said character should be upgraded to High 6-A as well, correct?
From what I have gathered from the responses to this thread (there may be more done that is currently unreported) here is our progress:

36-60 Done

70-75 Done

301-600 Done

601 to 741 Done

741 to 873 Done

So we have gotten around 595 profiles evaluated.

This would mean that around half of this project has been completed within just 14 hours.

Congratulations and thanks to all the staff who have helped out. We have made very efficient and impressive progress so far. If we were to continue this current pace, we would be finished by tomorrow :)
Just a reminder that the striking strength of High 6-A characters should be rated at Class NJ.

Edit: I have checked all the profiles from A to C in Tier 6.

Looks like profiles 900 to 1195 still need to be checked.

Edit2: I have checked all the profiles from D to F in Tier 6.
I come back, and most of my job is already done

Do I just do whichever if all of my category is completed?
@ThePerpetual You can help to fill in the blanks with other groups.

@Lina Shields Thank you for the help. Which numbers do profiles A to F correspond to?

Also, yes, all profiles that scale from a calculation should be changed accordingly.

And thank you for the note that striking strength might have to be updated as well.
Never mind. I counted them. If I got it right, Lina covered profiles 1 to 294.
No problem. I am now done up to profiles 960-1,004
@Ryu. Quick, question. How do you work so fast? I strive to be able to work at that level.

On a related note, I might be able to do another 30 to 50 due to the time zone I'm in.Even though I finished my assignment, I wish I could do more.
@Cal I greatly appreciate and would love to take the compliment, but it really isn't too difficult. Most of the profiles I happen to come across are not in the section of Tier 6 that needs to be changed or they don't have a specific value/calc to them. Hence they do not require much time and work going over.

However I have appropriately adjusted the rare ones I see that do need it.
I have finished checking profiles from 1000 to 1195, if it is relevant.

Edit: There is nothing in 295 to 300. I already checked those.
Okay. Thank you very much for the help.

Only profiles 295 to 300 left then.
Well, with that it seems like we are finished.

Big thanks to everybody who helped out. Especially to Ryukama and Lina Shields, who went considerably beyond what was required of them.
It was not a problem at all. Thank you for the kind words, Ant.

And thanks to Lina and all the other staff members that helped bring this project into fruition so quickly and efficiently.