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VS Battles
Speed equal, first off.

But on top of that, Empire Arc Ikki. Lucario starts in base but can Mega Evolve at will.

Takes place in a tournament. A fusion of the SSSAF and the Indigo League.

Skill boy

Goku dog

Ikki Kurogane
I have Skill!

Lucario pokemon pokemon game and pokemon trading card game drawn by saitou naoki 21af9e1c096e142e40631811cc46fc17
Behold the aura
00potato said:
Isn't that only for the slower opponent?

It is.

Something to say. Vermillion empire arc ikki is not a usable key. Since its from the summaries. You gonna have to settle for sssaf desperado
Just start him in Shura, he still gets one shot and his other amp lasts a second, if I am remembering it properly.
That...doesn't make sense. Trackless Step doesn't even turn you invisible, and Ikki can't hide his aura.
Yeah, the five senses. Says nothing about extra senses that don't care about that stuff. Again, he can't change his aura.
He doesn't hide from any of the senses, and people can sense aura in Rakudai too. Lucario's aura sensing will dismiss him just as much as anything else.

It is stupid that this is not somehow mindhax, but Rakudai is not logic oriented
Ikki is still detectable by infrared and all that jazz. It's not "oh I feel his presence near me" kind of sensing. Lucario straight up sees anything that wouldn't otherwise. The only way for him to hide is for him to become inorganic, as otherwise, Lucario will see the blue human shaped aura no matter what.

" It's said that no foe can remain invisible to Lucario, since it can detect Auras. Even foes it could not otherwise see."
I believe Cal is completely missing the point. He doesn't need infra red to be visible. He is visible. You ca see him. You just don't realize you can. You disregard him as useless info. Like i posted the quote in the Culexus vs Ikki. If someone has a gun at you, nobody would be thinking about who manufactured the dude's earing. Cus in that moment...who cares? It is not important. Similarly, when using trackless step, ikki becomes just that, unimportant.

You can see him, you can hear him, you can sense him. You just don't realize you can.
@Earl. Problem is, Lucario notices all auras within a mile radius. He details flowers in the middle of a war because they have aura. Ikki doesn't lose his aura while tricking a mind, so he's still perceptible by Lucario.
He doesn't lose his aura. Lucario just doesn't relize he can feel Ikki's aura.

Ikki doesn't lose his visibility while tricking the mind.

He doesn't lose his sounds while tricking the mind.

You're still thinking of tricking the senses. He is tricking the mind, all info has to be perceived by the mind, so no matter the sense it just gets fooled.
But where's the proof in this? He only has feats of yeeting himself from the five senses, and has never shown to be able to hide himself from sensing of Lucario's caliber, potent enough to see everything within a mile radius and read all thoughts and movements in said radius. Meanwhile Shizuku beat it simply by looking at the splashes of water the user leaves. Simply having ESP doesn't mean you can sense, btw.

Also said mind is protected/enhanced by aura as well. It allowed Lucario to break out of mindhax.