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how to handle a hax and tier

so this is my problem, i find a same tier character, how to know that a certain character have a hax, that can be unfair to fight,

2. can a hax character fight higher tier character

tq for respond
Hax by definition is an ability that grants a character an advantage over those in thier tier. Yes a lower tiered character can beat a higher tiered character with hax. It just depends on the kind of hax and if the higher tiered character has any resistance to it.
thank you very much

another question, if the character is same tier but the first character has hax and another one dont have at all, is it a stomp?
Let's say is a mind hax. Lower tier can win if they get it to work. Maybe convivce opponent to quit or kill themselves. Or even make opponent tell them a weakness. Or even play an enemy into a mistake that's fatal.

Bio hax. Like Force Choking, or introducing a virus, this may take some time and some form of penetration. For example Force hax will choke anyone that doesn't have a Force wall. Invasive or infected hax like plagues or poison gas take time, and assume the enemy takes as long as a normal person would to die or KO from.

One more kind of hax, like battlefield hax, can play things like weather or temperature in their hands. Say Aide locks an enemy in a room and overheats/freezes them to death. Is a good chance they can do it. Or stops the airflow from the vents. Using the enviroment to your advantages indirectly can kill allot of enemies.
Hax is something that defies tier. Also, our tiers are based on attack potency only, not actual battle potential. The tiering system doesn't show if a character can beat another in combat, it's a comparison on attack potency mostly
Yes, if there are 2 characters in the same tier and have the same stats like speed and one has hax that say for instance bypasses durability, for example like soul manipulation and the other character has no resistance to it then the one with soul manipulation stomps.