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So what does Homelander open with?


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Homelander scales to 43.4294685956 tons of TNT while Last Judgement Alpha heavily upscales 20.9 tons of TNT. (The Last Judgement Alpha overpowered and killed Neo Alpha, who is superior to New Omega. New Omega is significantly stronger than Omega. Omega is stronger than Pre-The Last Judgement Alpha who scales to 20.9 tons of TNT)

I think I'd favour Jin here. First of all, there's no question regarding his skill advantage. Jin has a legitimate fighting style and with only self-training, could surpass the likes of professionally trained and experienced soldiers. In Season 1, he was able to keep up with Omega pretty well simply due to being more skilled, which is important to note since Omega was a superior Amazon in comparison. Homelander relies on sheer power and its very clear he doesn't care much for implementing actual technique into his fighting style

Homelander may have a range advantage, but its not as if Alpha can't avoid them. Without transforming, Amazons can already sense specific individuals from within a crowd inside a building. As a Rider, Alpha can reliably sense the slightest of movements up the 1000 metres away. Before he even had to rely on his senses, he could already detect surrounding sounds and enemies to avoid danger. His senses were heightened after he was blinded and we've seen he's pretty damn good at using them to fight. So I do think the lasers are very much so avoidable

Alpha's Wilder Skin, Armour, and Amazon Cells will help in reducing the potential damage he takes from Homelander. Heat vision's likely going to be less harmful given Jin survived the flames of the HP Round pretty well. Plus, his ability to absorb heat also plays a part in making the lasers a less viable method. Arm cutters and claws are gonna be a big problem for Homelander given it'll be damaging his internal organs with every attack that lands with them

Voting Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha due to greater skill and abilities
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