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Yes, by the time my Maki vs Yor still in pending, this idea came out outta nowhere, well it's also because Haruto (Kamen Rider Wizard civilian name) has a very good run on tourney and i'm like "sure then, time to make this donut-lover even more shine by making so many matches for him"
Sadly it would mostly on his civilian form as his Rider form in that tier are kinda hard to find (except 5-A i think, i can do something with it)
Anyway, while this looks good, there's a chance that it will ended up as stomp so at least i tried lel
Let's get the the fight!!

● ------------------------------------- ●
A mission to took down an magician....thats what Yor would do right now, however what she went to assassinate weren't she's expected to be...
When she saw the info of her target, she thought it was just a man who do a magic show for hid his scheme, however once she finally met the target, it turned out the man himself is indeed a magician! A real magician and not a bootleg! A proper Sorcerer that she's saw from the books that Anya took from the stores about magical fantasy
While she never saw this kind of experience in her entire career, she's still went to do it, accomplish the mission no matter how bizzare it is
Meanwhile the man himself....while have no idea why he's been targeted by some of organization (Foundation X?), he's going to defended himself, but this time without in his styles as the enemy he faced were just a human, but an unique human nonetheless
What's the conclusion of this fight! Let's find out!

  • Civilian Form Wizard is used and this is BoS ~ MoS Haruto
  • Machinewinger are restricted (for now, because i might give Yor a motorcycle but we'll see)
  • Speed are equalized
  • Both are in-characters
  • Place located in: The Street of Tokyo City (mainly, the Shopping Area)
  • images
  • Starting Range: 10 Meters
  • Win via anything!!
  • Sugar's Donut-Lover Wizard: 4 (Myself, Noneless, Glaceon, Popted)
  • Pon Milf Assassin: 0
  • Inconclusive: 0


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Haruto casually bodied yummies which casually about to break a whole gravestone so he is a fair bit stronger than 84950.538 joules.
I'll wait for the more input since Haruto has some trick over here against the AP advantage from what i recall
Well, I haven't gotten into Wizard far yet, so I can't give an exact argument.

Haruto is outskilled hard here, and one of his main advantages (acrobatics) got countered by someone who's also a good acrobat.

Many of his spells get countered via higher LS and AP. His only choice left is size manipulation, which may confuse Yor, but I doubt it can grant him a win due to Yor's enhanced sense.
Depends on which Haruto we are using. If it is EoS - Post Movies Haruto, there's no chance for Yor. Even BoS Haruto has him going toe to toe against Phantoms while un-transformed, who are generally High 6-B, becuse Wizard had a lot of out of suit fights.
Going from a few clips, I see Yor usually start with hand-to-hand combat and could switch to projectiles.
I can see definitely her heavily outskills Haruto.
But because the speed is equalized, Haruto can still uses some trick like Small Ring that shrink himself to the size of a bug to avoid Yor's attacks, Copy Ring to duplicates himself so that he can outnumber her.
Once Haruto realized that none of his attacks can work on her because of the AP gap, he could summon his High 8-C dragon to overpowers Yor.
I see, i think that should be fair considering Haruto is severly outclassed here in AP wise, still waiting for Lonkitt to come here since he know more about Wizard here
Also, @KobsterHope07 Are you still here?
If we say Haruto is Episode 1 BoS, then he loses a lot of experience and spells. He still does have Wizard Dragon however.
How about MoS Haruto? Of course that this is not episode 1 Haruto but rather BoS Haruto up before he got the Dragon Upgrade Form
Tho now you remind me, if Haruto can go toe on toe against Phantom who are generally High 6-B, why he's not flat out High 6-B in first place in his human form? @IxaSaga2
This is literally pretty confusing
Tho now you remind me, if Haruto can go toe on toe against Phantom who are generally High 6-B, why he's not flat out High 6-B in first place in his human form? @IxaSaga2
This is literally pretty confusing
Haruto is able to compete with Phantoms because his weapon is High 6-B by the time Dragon Forms are introduced. Before they were introduced, they are High 8-C due to being able to break Minotaur Phantom's horns.

Haruto is outclassed CQC but his weaponry far outclasses Yor's. We can restricted his Swordgun. But I think even restricting his weapon doesn't do too much in the grand scheme.
But I think even restricting his weapon doesn't do too much in the grand scheme.
For example, Haruto has smell ring which can incap, Blizzard Ring to freeze, Light Ring to Blind, Connect ring to tp, Small ring to evade Yor's attacks, Thunder Ring to use electricity which basically nulls the dura of people who don't have resistance to it, fire ring which can vaporize concrete, etc.

Also we have to change Wizard's LS. Dude can kick a guy from Earth into the sun.
Then it should be noted on his AP for human form, it should be "9-B, High 8-C to High 6-B with Swordgun", we did that with Zero-One Riders too
You can make the CRT later since the Swordgun and LS thing are pretty straightforward to do
Until that then this match would be in hold until we fix Haruto page
Ah getcha
I think this match can still ongoing because you know, Haruto might not use his Swordgun against human, so yeah we can continue
With none of SxP supporters comes yet, guess i'll take the role for arguing Yor for now (damn you Kobster for not being here commonly)