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Great Jagras vs Mario (6-0-0)

Mario has the ap/dura, and power advantage.

Jagras might have a slight intelligence advantage since his profile talks about how he's more clever than ordinary animals. Mario tends to get careless has well so Jagras could theoretically exploit that.

The only thing Jagras REALLY has going for him are likely experience and possibly skill since he has to deal with predators and hunters on a regular basis. While they can't do anything the mini Jagras could at least cause a distraction. He also has a MASSIVE lifting strength advantage at Class 100 while Mario is Class 1.

How does Mario's toon force work?
I can't really recall many times he's actually used toon force. Mostly changing into clothes quickly or like, stopping the comic from ending once.
In that case I take back what I said about his power advantage. His regen won't help much since it's only low. I think Jagras takes on high difficulty to do my previous reasons.
Plus when Monsters in Monster Hunter get pissed off they amp themselves by 2x and recharge all of their stamina even when completely maimed/Crippled.