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Forest related statements and feats, some help required!


It seems like there's no general rule for how big a forest is, which is a bit of a problem because I've got a pair of characters I'm trying to work out here and a lot of their high end feats are in relation to the forest the adventure of this game takes place in.

One character has complete control over the forest, being able to manipulate the entire scale of it to her will, and a statement claims that one time before the events of the game when she was so angry she 'reduced it all to ash' before it was recreated. Following the end of the game, she recreates it again

And the other character knocks the first character unconscious in a fight with her where she uses her control over the forest to fight back. So she very likely scales to the first character's power.

The issue is...no idea how big this forest really is, we never get a good look of it on a map or anything for scale, the characters take a few days to wander through it and don't even get the whole way through before the final battle starts, and it seems like the wiki has no general rule about how big a forest should be. I was hoping someone could help me out here, do we have a precedent set for feats involving a forest? Something I can use to lowball or assume?