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Failed Next Gen ~ Delsin vs Rey

I know this is vague, but I'm pretty sure Delsin overhaxes the hell outta Rey
Following, kinda wanna say Delsin can just restrain Rey with Smoke stuff but I'll wait for more input here cause I'm not sure that would work
ABoogieYesSir said:
Yeah, ok than.

Petrify it is.
Not if he doesn't start with Concrete. If it's not specified what power he has, I assume he starts with Smoke. Furthermore, Concrete is a power that he can't absorb from the environment. If he doesn't start with it, he doesn't have it period.
Her having their combined strength is kinda irrelevant, given Jedi don't use that many techniques in canon outside of swordsmanship
Who knows, maybe she'll suddenly learn her granddad's possession stich.

Beyond that though, doesn't she get kinda slapped? Rey is pretty mucs laser sword attacks, with maybe some telekinesis. However, she just really never used it on many enemies, even when she really should have, so I doubt telekinesis would be done at all.

She has lightning stuff, but that's a taboo for her, only done accidentally.
I mean, she has an AP advantage, a skill advantage, and Delsin is starting with Smoke, meaning even if he did use hax in character (he really doesn't) he doesn't have any hax available at the start.
If she has AP and skill advantage, on top of him being unable to change powers, and not using hax, then it is a stomp.
Oh, my bad. For some reason I forgot that location by SBA is New-York, and thought that it was something far less modern.