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Doppo should have Stealth Mastery

Honestly, Doppo, Jack, Shibukawa, Retsu and Katsumi should all have stealth mastery for sneaking into the military base with Pickle. This is a good feat for just Doppo as well though.

Kosho and Jyaku when they get profiles could have it added as well for the same reasons.
I mean, what Amlad said pretty much sums it all up. Hell, even Dorian was able to escape a highly secured island prison before anyone even noticed he was gone
Moathon said:
No, he admitted that he has bad stealth skills when he couldn't sneak up on a BLIND MAN for all things.
Whooooa are we forgetting that that same blind man can tell the height, weight, and build of Doppo based in the sound of his footsteps, can keep up with Doppo in martial arts despite being blind, and of course is even stated to have his 4 remaining senses be massively heightened????
Talk about manipulating a scene to your benefit. Baki you already explained what I was gonna say about how Moathon is wrong. This blind guy was basically shown to be able to 'see' even without his eyes and his other senses are extremely heightened.