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Doomsday (DCEU) vs Apocalypse (X-Men Film Series)



Battle 1: Doomsday is just born and Apocalypse just woke up, Fight takes place at Metropolis

Battle 2: Doomsday after he took the nuke and Apocalypse after he had orientated in the modern world, Fight takes place at Kairo

Battle 3: Doomsday just before he killed Superman and Apocalypse with his Horseman

Tell me what you think
1 - Probably Apoc. At this point, DD'S only feat is beating a weakened Superman. He got much more powerful with the nuke, iirc. Apoc can throw a city on his face and bury him. Absorbing energy wouldn't help much against that. He also has much faster reactions and teleportation, so he could evade DD for a good time

2 - Aside from knowledge, I don't think Apoc got any stronger at this point. Doomdsay would be harder to put down, but he can still be buried or teleported into space.

3 - All the horseman but Magneto are useless. Apoc still wins though.

Considering they had to resort to a massive mental attack + nuking him with the Phoenix, I doubt Doomsday can kill him.