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apocalypse (x-men film series)

  1. RanaProGamer

    MCU's Big Bad vs X-Men's Big Bad

    Pitting the big bad of 2 Marvel franchises against each other Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized Thanos has the complete Infinity Gauntlet MCU Thanos vs Film Apocalypse Who wins and why?
  2. Moonshadow137

    Thanos (MCU) vs Apocalypse (FOX)

    I'm impressed no one made this one before. So, Apocalypse faces off the Mad Titan. Thanos has the gauntlet, SBA is applied, and for now speed is UNequal. What do you guys think? Apocalypse: Thanos: Incon:
  3. RanaProGamer

    God vs Jedi | Apocalypse vs Rey

    Rey faces Apocalypse in battle only to be defeated, the spirits of the dead Jedi call out her name and support her in battle. Does she succeed? Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized. 6-C Versions. Apocalypse (X-Men Movies) vs Rey (Rise Of Skywalker) Who wins and why?
  4. Jasonsith

    Apocalypse vs Roa (Battle of the cursed of immortality and non-existence)

    6-C versions used, speed equalised else SBA He whose movie is cursed to non-existence - He whose anime is cursed to non-existence - He who exists a lot in this website - Move it to Fun and Games should this be a mismatch anyway we tune it, thanks. And the question: Which is more cursed? The...
  5. Stalker_Maggot

    Palpatine vs Apocalypse

    Darth Sidious vs Apocalypse (X-Men Film Series) Disney Canon vs 6-C Apocalypse is used Speed = Palpatine is like 4.9 Gigatons Apocalypse is 7.5 Gigatons Darth Sidious: Apocalypse (X-Men Film Series): Inconclusive:
  6. Theblack6host96

    Purple Ball-Chinian vs. The World's First

    Base Thanos (MCU) vs. Apocalypse (XMFS) SBA 6-C vs. 6-B Speed Equalized
  7. TheFinalOrder

    Doctor Strange(MCU) vs Apocalypse (Fox)

    Location: NewYork SoM: In Character, Intent to kill Speed Equal 6-C versions Who takes it?
  8. Warren_Valion

    Type 6 Immortality for Apocalypse

    It is as the title says. Definition: Parasitic: The character is able to attain a sort of immortality by abandoning bodies whenever necessary to transfer their consciousness to another body, whether they are possessing someone else or switching to a backup body.
  9. Yobo_Blue

    Steppenwolf vs Apocalypse

    Steppenwolf arrives on the X-men Earth to conquer everything. Apocalypse does not take kindly to him tintruding on his world. The two are bloodlusted and 6-c forms are used.
  10. Legion350

    Apocalypse (X-Men Film Series) vs Zeus (Percy Jackson)

    Apocalypse (X-Men Film Series) vs Zeus (Percy Jackson) Speed is equalized Both are High 6-A
  11. Meosos

    Apocalypse (X-Men Movie Series) vs the Enchantress (DCEU)

    The two most powerful villians in their respected verses. Who wins in a fight ? Round 1: Apocalypse just woke up vs Enchantress without her heart Round 2: Apocalypse after he had orientated in the modern world vs Enchantress with her heart Round 3: Apocalypse with his horseman and Enchantress...
  12. Meosos

    Doomsday (DCEU) vs Apocalypse (X-Men Film Series)

    vs. Battle 1: Doomsday is just born and Apocalypse just woke up, Fight takes place at Metropolis Battle 2: Doomsday after he took the nuke and Apocalypse after he had orientated in the modern world, Fight takes place at Kairo Battle 3: Doomsday just before he killed Superman and Apocalypse...
  13. GreatestSin

    X-Men Film Series Magneto Updgrade

    Attack Potency: At least Multi-City Block level (Moved a large part of the Golden Gate bridge) Range: Several kilometers this are Magnetos current stats, but as we saw in the X-men Apokalypse movie Magneto had Planet lvl range and AP, he should be upgraded...