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Given that all the Donkey Kong characters are officially Mario characters to begin with and in the same continuity. And that the Wario Land characters nor other various Mario side series have their own verse pages. The Donkey Kong vs page is basically just bare bones and unnecessary at the same time. And the absence of Donkey Kong on the Mario Page even makes the Seven Star Children section look unfinished.

My suggestion is simple, to move all the Donkey Kong character profiles over to the main Mario Bros page like the rest of the series and pretty much just delete the Donkey Kong series page altogether. As for each characters, it's rather simple; verse origin can be linked simply as Donkey Kong and it links to Mario. And yes, I can take care of this list nice and easy.
yeah, I didn't even know dk had a separate page but it should definitely just be moved to the Mario page
No the DK series is an unreleated different universe to the Mario series, in fact we should give the Yoshi and Wario series their own verse pages too.

Yeah I agree with this
This is probably fine, and @Dino_Ranger_Black seems to agree as well, given that he moved over the Donkey Kong character links to the Mario Bros verse page.
Dino already mentioned in the DMs that he agrees with this. I suppose I can update the "WhatLinkshere" as soon as I'm finished checking the rest on my Feed.
Dino already mentioned in the DMs that he agrees with this. I suppose I can update the "WhatLinkshere" as soon as I'm finished checking the rest on my Feed.
Thank you.

After the links have been updated, the original Donkey Kong verse page can probably be deleted.
I have taken care of the edits, and deleted the page. This is concluded and I'll go ahead and close this thread up.
Thank you very much for the help. You are awesome.
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