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Discord power boost?

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Ever since the episode "Dungeons & Discords", Discord seems to have been showing extreme levels of power that I believe should boost his 7-B power level. Don't believe me? He made an entire alternate universe without breaking a sweat, with it's own physics and rules. He even says himself that it is an alternate dimension (although dimension is the incorrect word for this situation, it easily gets mixed up with universe). So, anyone agree?
I haven't watched the episode yet, but yes, we might have to give him an upgrade for his hax statistics.
As for the volcano, it depends on its size. It takes shattering a very large mountain to qualify for mountain level, and an extremely large mountain to qualify for large mountain level.
I have now watched the episode, and the pocket realities that Discord created, did not appear to be of particularly large size at all.

Creating a small Mountain will likely not push him past his 7-B rating.
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