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Dark Matter Durability Upgrade

Dark Matter's durability should upgraded to 4-A, scaling from his attack potency, since his body is made of the same darkness he uses to attack.

Yveltal having being able to harm him means nothing as he used Oblivion Wings, which is an attack that negates durabiity.
Yvetal's page doesn't imply that move is dura neg, do you have a quote?
Oblivion Wing: Yveltal's signature move. Yveltal's underside begins to glow and it creates a transparent red sphere of energy which it then fires off as a beam. It restores Yveltal's health by 75% of the damage dealt. Life forms that touch it die and turn to stone.

also this from the profile
Is there any reasons why his 4-A feat isn't an outlier. Because he was apparently stalemated by 5-Bs multiple times and was hurt by 5-Bs.
He was hurt by a 5-B using durability negation

Mega-Mewtwo, Deoxys and Mega-Rayquaza where only able to hold back Earth because Dark Matter was too busy killling the tree of life/Xerneas, once he was done with that he instantly killed the three of them

So 4-A is not an outlier for Dark Matter, it's more an outlier Xerneas not instantly dying to him.
Then the justification needs to be changed on his profile then because it implies they did stuff to somewhat stop Dark Matter.
Agreed. Changing the durability. Always thought it was silly, especially given he hits you with constructs that make up its body and they don't get destroyed on impact.