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Ok, so Dark Gaia gets one shooted because Kirby's 4-A's>>>>>>>>>>>Sonic's 4-A and Dark Gaia's type 8 leaves him incapacitated for years, but Dark Gaia's possession and mindhax should be passive, since he passively's affects the people at night/ as Perfect Dark Gaia (we see him elevoping the entire planet)

So I guess it depends if Dark Nebula has his own resistance or how his possession works, so he can one shoot or not
Eficiente said:
Since when is Sonic not family friendly?
Probably those moments like where Eggman threateningly says he'll turn Tails into mince meat in a disturbing tone, or where Gerald Robotnik is shown to be shot by a firing squad on video lol
Actually unfollowing. I'm suspicious over the profile's type 8 Immortality, type 2 Abstract Existence and this now claimed passives abilities. You have fun with this, Cal.
Because Dark Gaia exists as long as darkness exists, fighting Light Gaia and losing but always coming back, but both of those take thousands of years, so they don't help in a match, hell that's how Sonic won, pretty sure a character being knocked out for over a day is already a win, which can be done via AP

Dark Gaia passively affects people at night, but as Perfect he could do that anytime, it's really simple, and very clear
This was supposed to be a fun match... Please don't ruin it...

With what Shake said, possesion seems to be more like corruption (very similar to Kirbo villains), in which any Dark Matter should be able to shrug off due to existing in the Hyper Zone and Dark Star, alongside the connection to Void.
Yeah possession and corruption are kinda intertwined. Also the Type 8 for Dark Gaia isn't combat applicable since it takes thousands of years, so no arguments for that either.

I'm leaning towards Nebula if he does resist the Possession/Corruption convo, as I don't think it there's much else Dark Gaia could do.
Oh Shake, with Void having the potentiality of getting 2-C, you think Solaris vs Void would be fun (if the upgrade ever comes to pass)?
The real cal howard said:
Oh Shake, with Void having the potentiality of getting 2-C, you think Solaris vs Void would be fun (if the upgrade ever comes to pass)?
I think that'd be very fun, yes lol

GlaceonGamez471 said:
Shouldn't speed be =ized, because I could have sworn Kirby 4-As Speed blitz Sonic 4-As
Maybe if that MFTL+ upgrade gets attention it wouldn't need to be hahajustaccepttheupgradelol
Ok, if he resists it then Dark Gaia gets one shooted then, and as Shake said type 8 and AE aren't combat applicable, unless win it's only in death, he does have the power to manipulate negative emotions, but I don't think that helps him much
So it's a stomp?

If so, then we'll do this for fun and go AP equal.

I just really like this match.
Not sure if it's a stomp, but Dark Gaia does seem kinda helpless here.

If AP is equal then that could make it more fun lol.
Aight if 3 people say it's a stomp then we'll go AP equal. Otherwise it stays a normal, addable match.
I don't see a way for Dark Gaia to win, Ap disadvantage combined with Nebula having mid high regen make nigh if not flat out impossible for Dark Gaia to put Nebula down, I'm thinking this be a stomp
Okay so it's not related to corruption whatsoever, it's actually possession. Can Dark Nebula still handle that? If not, then it becomes fair again I think.

Screenshot 20200224-151700