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Concerns about the verse

So I have found that the official wiki is no longer up at all. Meaning a lot of monster info has been lost. Even the wayback machine is missing monsters. With most of the info lost, and much of it only findable through an archive, unless you can point out a website that has everything still intact, idk if keeping this verse here is possible. And yes there is the fandom wiki, but even it has missing info. Plus the official wiki was the best and last major resource for this verse. First the game flops, and now this. CKC deserved more than this.
No, it was it's own game made by the guy who did games like Godzilla Unleashed and whatnot. The old Atari Pipeworks games. He was gonna make a game, and Nemesis was licensed as the main character with characters pulled in from kaiju fans world wide. But the official site is gone now. The fandom wiki has missing kaiju as well. And the wayback machine doesnt have everything either.
I have links on my blog, are they broken? They go to the official Wikipedia and links to the officially produced cards produced. A card game was produced, a Facebook game was produced, and a game was in the works on Steam but it is dead. So basically it is cards and the official wiki are the sources used for the verse.
The official wiki is flat out gone. Many pages were lost as they werent archived. Even the other wiki dedicated to it is missing monsters.
That's very scarce detailing compared to the ENTIRE PAGES of info lost to us. The official wiki is GONE. Even the wayback machine hasn't saved everything meaning huge chunks of the roster are no longer accounted for.