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Changing our Minimum Radius for a 5-A Black Hole


VS Battles
Calculation Group
A recent calc I made got me to realize this, but our chart for estimating the AP of a black hole of a certain radius was not updated to account for our change to 5-A's baseline from 2.7 yottatons to 3.8 yottatons - based on the GBE of Uranus. So, I'd like to update that now.

I'll do this by using how we approximate the yield of black holes, but in reverse. First, I'll compare the yield of 3.8 yottatons (3800 zettatons) to the GBE of Earth (59.44 zettatons).

3800 / 59.44 = 63.93001346

So it's 63.93001346x that of Earth's GBE. By our standards, this also means such a black hole is about 63.93001346x the mass of Earth. Earth's mass is 5.972e+24 kg. This means the mass of the black hole would be:

5.972e+24 * 63.93001346 = 3.8179004e+26 kg (6393.001346% the Mass of Earth, 0.0191950749% the Mass of the Sun)

Lastly, I'll use this to calculate the new minimum Schwarzschild radius needed for a black hole to be 5-A.

r = 2GM/c^2

G = 6.6743e-11 Nm^2/kg^2

c = 299792458 m/s

M = 3.8179004e+26 kg


r = (2 * 6.6743e-11 * 3.8179004e+26) / 299792458^2

r = 0.56704680523 meters

This should be our new minimum radius for a black hole to be 5-A on our Black Hole Feats in Fiction page. Please let me know if you have any questions or if there's anything wrong, and with that, I open the floor for discussion!

Agree: Dalesean027, Chariot190, Mr. Bambu
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Not entirely sure, if I'm being honest, and I feel that's a question that's outside the scope of this thread. Though, I'd wager someone else more knowledgeable on how we arrived at certain standards could give an answer
What is the minimum radius for a black hole calculation? This?
You manually find the radius, but this is for a chart on our Black Hole Feats in Fiction page. This chart basically tells us what radii of a black hole fall into which tier.
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seems okily-dokily to me (please use the rest of the space in my reply to imagine something angsty I would type out if I put more effort in around here):