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With Boruto ch.78, I have seen Boruto's new progression with his Kāma seal. He is now able to use the True Essense state although this time his right eye isn't a Byakugan and the pattern on his face isn't the pattern when Momoshiki would possess his body. And the same thing can be said for Kawaki. I have a picture from the scene from chapter 78 from a picture scan from the chapter, but the picture is cropped and I have seen the picture on Facebook here is the image. I just took some time to search for another picture here's the picture. Also seen from the chapter is that Boruto is now able to use the large variants of the Rasengan, being the Big Ball Rasengan (Giant Rasengan) and the Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan. I mainly think that has to do with the fact that Boruto is tapping into more of Momoshiki's power after his death and resurrection and his becoming a Ōtsutsuki.