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  • In the form 4B, Bloom seems to have an advantage of hax but its princes hax are countered by the resistance of sailor mooBloom ca BFR but Usagi is teleport through the dimensions so it will not work, The time manipulation has no effect on Sailor Moo, the atomic manipulation may be able to work even it has an attomical resistance. The only chance for bloom and it's death manipulation but it depends on his degree. She can try to beat to wear sailor moon but she regenerates ...

  • Bloom is very bitchy with its spelling negation and nulification which can cause big problem to sailor moon but it possesses an unlimited energy thanks to the silver crystal, (I am contains that at this moment of the history, it has not Not unlock the full power of the silver crystal but have not seen it run out so may have assumed that there is a lot of energy) so it can launch its attacks indefinitely and can spam until That the bloom barrier no longer works. Otherwise, Usagi can bypass the durability to attack the mental spiritual plane and the soul and therefore destroy its senses and its soul only there are bloom negation ...
One more thing, she will not negate long seen the power of the attacks of Sailor moon

There is also the manipulation of the sound which can establish bloom to then destroy his soul or transmute it into moon dust She can also turn into one of her friends with the pen for destabilized....(I doubt that it works but it will have tried.)

And sailor moon Hard Speed Blitz it is Quintilion Time FTL attack speed At this point in history and I would like to have an accuracy on the speed of bloom because they do not really know it

I'm voting Sailor Moon
1. Bloom doesn't have a calc for speed since it's based on interplanetary travellings which I need to re watch and see if I can find timeframes or anything for a good calc.

2.Bloom is 4420 foe cause we use high end, but this is mostly hax battle anyway.