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Batman vs Randy Cunningham


Joke Battles
Retired VSB Bureaucrat
B v R

Dark and violent DC meets fun and lighthearted Disney in this battle of ninjitsu masters.

Despite both combatants being most well known for what they are capable of with their equipment, this will be a bout of their own physical abilities.


Randy Cunningham cannot use his weapons or supernatrual ninja abilites and Batman can not use his high tech gadgets and power augmenting suits. This rule applies to both rounds.

Round 1: Speed is unequalized

Round 2: Speed is equalized

Current Tally:

Batma: 2

Randy: 0
Batman wins. BECUZ I'M BATMA- gunshot

Joking aside, Batman should take the majority in my utterly biased view.

Hes a master of more than stealthy arts and trumps Randy in skills. His combat speed is higher (reactions obly briefly apply, not long in a standard spar) so Randy should react to firsr few strikes but quickly be overwhelmed as the fight starts. Reactions can only get you so far on a fight.

Round 2 might go to Batman due to better skills IMO, not sure however. Probably inconclusive TBH
Going with Batman: he could be physically weaker and hasn't ninjutsu attacks, but should have more stamina, experience and skill, eventually, he win defeat Randy, but not with ease that for sure, difficult 8/10 second round. randy could have more possibilities in the first tho

EDIT: Nevermind, didn't read the OP completely, Batman would win the second round with diff 7/10, and possibily the first with 8/10
yeah, Bats with high diff

It should be noted Rabdy likely has better stamina and physical abilities due to being younger, but stamina won't come into play in a short match between users of lethal arts.
R1: Randy wins with high difficulties, thanks to his vastly superior reaction speed.

R2: Batman wins with high difficulties, being more skilled, stealthy and all.