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Asriel Dreemurr vs Abel (Shin Megami Tensei)

Uuuuhhh... Omnipresent (Asriel) vs Superhuman with Immeasurable reactions & combat speed (Abel)?

Speed equalize this, please.
Irrelevant. Immeasurable works more or less in the same way as infinite speed. He can make movements at such speed, he should be able to move at such speed, since that alternative is that he walks infinitely slower than he can move his arms.
Is Abel allowed to summon demons. If so, this could become a lopsided match incredibly fast. Abel has summons that are Metatron level. Metatron couldn't completely defeat Asriel on his own 10/10 times, but the two are at a similar level in terms of strength and it is in the realm of feasibility for Metatron to beat Asriel. "IMAGINE" multiple Metatrons, and a guy who is around Lucifer's level. This becomes a stomp if we were to allow demon summoning and if it is only Abel, I would say Lucifer, and anybody at his level can either stalemate or outright defeat Asriel. Therefore, Abel wins in my book.
Since this is Asriel vs Abel

It should be Abel only

That's mean he can only summon the Bel gods whom got absorbed by Abel

But still, i still root for Abel. Abel when he was the king is already defeated Metatron. Overlord Abel is simply beyond the reach of Metatron and the 4 Cardinal Archangels. So yeah, my vote goes to Abel
Asriel has infinite defences and infinite attacks, means Abel can only curse him. But Asriel controls timelines, means he can harm Abel in future/past. My vote for Asriel.
Kagutsuchi does the same thing, and he's one of the weakest characters in the series. Future and Past harming are just part of what reality warping can do, and Abel has beaten reality warpers like Metatron. If these "Infinite Defenses" are a form of resistance, Abel has access to pierce+, and the curses could kill Asriel regardless.
Asriel has infinite defences and infinite attacks

Performing an infinite damage attacks on Multiversal scale is only 2-A. In SMT, 2-A beings fight each other all the time. In Abel's case, he fought and make Metatro look like a joke, and Metatron is highly above this Disco Ball , who is 2-A as well. The full awakened Abel scared Metatron with the combined force of 4 Cardinal Archangels with his mere presence, keep in mind that the combined force of the Archangels is even a bigger threat than Metatron.

means Abel can only curse him

Curse him , reflect his attacks, Petrificate him, ban his attacks, Mind Break him,ect... and insta kill him if he got inflicted by Abel's mute, blind skill.

But Asriel controls timelines, means he can harm Abel in future/past.

Yeaaah.... Kagtsuchi, the Disco Ball that i mentioned about also has the Time Manpulation as well, in fact. Once Kagutsuchi dead, the concept of time was died along with him. Implied that the Kagutsuchi himself was able to holding the concept of time with him, while Asriel can only travel back to the previous event of the timeline. And guess who is above Kagutsuchi in power , yup, the guy who got himself beaten up by Abel