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well ashen one kinda can't die and he has mind hax

"Advanced pyromancy of Quelana, a daughter of the Witch of Izalith. Charms the enemy, making them a temporary ally. The living are lured by flame, and this tendency is elemental to the art of pyromancy."

Shit tier mindhax.
He could be incaped with Phantom Form.

Ashen can kill himself with a thought vis the Dark Sign

... Ashen can kill himself? How is that useful?
eh depends on posion since you know different poisons have different effects

for example you can become immune to snake poison but somthing like rat will still kill you
Oblivion Of The Endless said:
Ashen resists phantom form
Resistance to Magic, Fire, Frost, Lightning, Dark, Mind, Soul, Toxin, Curse Manipulation, Petrification and Bleeding effects, Resistance to Statistics Reduction and Power Nullification via resisting Hollowing (Hollowing reduces even the mightiest warriors to dessicated corpses and the Darksign failed to completely suppress the Dark Soul)

I don't see resistance to Phantom Form there.
... Ashen can kill himself? How is that useful?

So he can revive himself but now not incapacitated.

He can't kill himself if he can't move though.
yeah then it woun't really work

not only is ashen one capable of resisting a high 4C curse that breaks your soul down untill you are a hollow via sheer ******* will power

he also resists mind manip of report
That was pre-retcon, it was retconned into pain manip.

Wait we accept either version despite being retconned?
That was pre-retcon, it was retconned into pain manip.

Wait we accept either version despite being retconned?

We only accepted the retconned version now iirc.
When did Ashen One resist Rapport?And why is that even relevant?Rapport is one of the worst mindhax powers in fiction,it doesn't work against strong opponents,it works against only limited opponents in the game itself,I doubt it works even against comparable opponents and it lasts for only roughly 30 seconds gameplay wise.And the potency of the spell is very low,probably a couple of creatures at best.

The Dark Sign only needs a thought.

I am gonna need some info on that suicide thing.
That was pre-retcon, it was retconned into pain manip.
Ashen laughs at feeling pain

Quoting Earl: Not even Ikki's resistance to pain is enough and he was pierced a hole through pretty much all non vital organs and every limb yet still got up.
He feels pain but that probably won't be effective against him.

Why else do you think Ashen One screams when he dies,or when he gets hit?Just because he can?
I don't why people are saying Rapport won't work when Ikki literally doesn't have any Mindhax Resistance in this key.
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