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Arslan's 6-B Combat Tournament

This is the 6-B Tournament, use any character you want as long as they follow these rules. Have fun with the selections, all the fights will be randomized by me, and the Brackets will be formed.


1. Attack Potency must be between 6-53.5 Teratons.
2. No Death Hax Allowed (Oneshots via hax)
3. All these matches will have equalized Speed.
4. A Low 6-B+ character, that has a 6-B move can also be allowed to participate (Or if they’re at least 6 teratons)
5. 2 Entries Per Person at Best.
6. Win by KO/Death/Knockoff (The Location Below Explains)
7. No prior knowledge for the fights.
8. There will also be a loser bracket, losers will fight, and the loser of that gets the lower place. The losers from the loser bracket will fight once more if they lose twice, to decide who is the biggest loser if they lose again.
9. Max of 20 Participants.
10. No Intang Characters Allowed.

This takes place at the Tournament of Power, so no flight allowed unless you can naturally fly with your physical body. You can Knock your opponent off the tournament as well for a win.



1. Ho-Oh (11.46 TT)
2. Lugia (11.46 TT)
3. Yuno Grinberryall (Second Grimoire) (Starts in base: 13.25 TT, SD: 26.5 TT)
4. Kamen Rider Zero-One (EOS, Starting in Zero-Two) (6.25 TT)
5. Ha Yuri Zahard (16.1 TT)
6. Blackbeard (Post Timeskip) (12.64 TT)
7. Nacht Faust (Devil Union) (13.25 TT)
8. Ark-Zero (RPL Restricted) (6.25 TT)
9. Big Mom (12.64 TT)
10. Slayer White (Prime) (53.5 TT)
11. Donkey Kong (7.88 TT)
12. IG Thanos (27.48 TT)
13. Mori jin (17.4 TT)
14. Haruka Osakabe (7 TT)
15. Queen Zeal (40 TT)
16. Senya (17.22)
17. Dormammu (27.48 TT)
18.Hovernyan (7.64 TT)
19.Obito Uchiha (Juubito) (12.41 TT)
20. Ironman (46.97 TT)



Match 1: https://vsbattles.com/threads/nacht-faust-devil-union-vs-mori-jin.130385/
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Other than hax that can instantly gib opponent is there any other hax that are disallowed? Can character amp their stat over the tournament limit?
what value is his 6-B+ key,

if its above 53.5 tt, no can do.
Flipping Britain = 24 Teratons (Low End), 68.4 Teratons (Low-Mid End), 616.1 Teratons (High-Mid End), 2.1 Peratons (High End)

i dont know which one was the accepted, let's ignore Kars for now unless we get the answers lol
lmao alright, just pick a diff char then haha
Kamen Rider Zero-One EoS. Start off in Realizing Hopper form. In this form he scale off of the stomp chain from 6.25 Terraton with him at the end of the scaling chain.

Reactive Power Level is naturally restricted.
there are current revisions going on, but its not for downgrades, he might get upgraded to 6-B+ but you can still add him rn
Intangtibility will be a problem tho
Can you replace him since hes intang
Can Post-Souls Burning True Self Mode Baam be added? Also, would it be better to restrict or allow the use of his Unleashed True Self Mode (which scales far above 53.5 Teratons)?