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Another Shinobi Fight: Wolf (Sekiro) vs Takeda (Mortal Kombat)

Mr. Bambu

Suffer-Not-Injustice Bambu
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Why not. Takeda seems to Raiden's storms at 9.64 Megatons of TNT, Wolf scales to Divine Dragon at 3.82 Megatons of TNT. AP difference is 2.52x.

Speed is unequalized, battle takes place in the Bank map of Rainbow Six Siege (all tech is shutdown for these purposes).

Who wins and why?

Takeda Takahashi:

Wolf: 3 (Steven, Jacky, Velox)

Wolf can negate immortality, Wolf can't regen his arms/legs so cutting them off would be equivalent to an incap. Not death, but still.

That uh

That is Wolf's.
You just told me how they can both bypass each other's immortalities but I was only asking about Wolf because I did not know Takeda had immortality.

Right, okay, I gotcha. Ye, Takeda has Type 4, but Wolf can neg with deathblows.

His attack reflection is just hitting projectiles back at a target with his plasma swords. Basically only useful for shurikens.
Tak has a slight AP advantage but that doesn't mean much because deathblows can cripple peeps that are equal, if not stronger than him. Though that would also mean he can take most of Wolf's attacks, so he'd have to attack aggresively while also playing defensively (both of which he's good at mind you).

Idk about MK, but let's say they're about even in skill. Take counters his shurikens with AR, Wolf follows it up by either deflection, loaded umbrella or mist raven which makes him teleport. Tak also has teleportation but Wolf has dealt with Owl and Headless, who tends to abuse it more often than not.

I think Wolf might be able to win this out with versatility (firecrackers, sabimaru, mist raven and loaded umbrella), the Mortal Blade can be used as a normal attack and if Wolf gets killed, he can just ress without Tak knowing it and stealthblow him.
Fair evaluation. I dunno if MK has any insane skill feats equal to Sekiro, sorta hoping Ed or an MK voodoo man appears.
I mean.

What does that even do for him?

I'm not sure he could, but before even debating that point, what does that prove to him? It doesn't give him the idea to incap Wolf by default, just that he can resurrect through means that even Wolf doesn't really understand.