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Another Pokemon CRT

So, we just finished one thread adding a bunch of abilities and other to individual pokemon, so let's do it again!

*Enhanced Senses: Zubat uses echolocation to make up for its lack of eyes
*Prolonged exposure to the sun burns Zubat's body

*Absorption of Electricity Manipulation: We constantly see it perching in power plants, likely leeching electricity like other electric types

*Dragonair is known to constantly exude a gentle aura, which upon changing allows it to control the weather due to its orbs

*Passimian fights by throwing berries
*Use soft berries to obsure opponent's vision
*Passimian refuse to listen to trainers lacking good form

*Oranguru called "the people of the forests"
*Can use items that other pokemon cannot normally, including pokeballs

*Pikipek use the sounds of woodpecking to signal to others

*Needs Magic given fairy typing

Solgaleo and Lunala
*Absorption of Light Manipulation: Lunala is specifically stated to be constantly absorbing light and Solgaleo should compare

*Telepathy: Magearna has the power to perceive the emotions, thoughts, and feelings of other Pokémon. If a Pokémon is injured, Magearna will feel the other’s pain and suffering and will try as hard as it can to save that Pokémon.
*Magearna’s real body is the spherical construction in its chest called the Soul-Heart, created by a scientist who gathered the life energy from Pokémon.
*Body Control: By shifting into pokeball form

*Grubbin is described as using its threads to swing from tree to tree
*Vikavolt will use Charjabug to power keep itself going in battle

*Fragrance Manipulation

*There are 5 Zygarde Cores in existence (one for each wing and tail), each of which functions as a brain

*Rockruff's entire battle plan against stronger opponents is outlasting them
*Rockruff never forget a scent

*Alolan Vulpix struggles in the heat

*Wishiwashi should have Small Size
*Wishiwashi emit reflect light off their eyes to call for assist

*Palossand should explain the Possession (Possesses victim if they touch the shovel)
*Enhanced Senses: Shovel acts as radar

*Alolan Raichu should have Flight and Fragrance Manipulation (Rubbing their cheeks emits a sweet scent)

*The pouch around Scorbunny's neck is its flame pouch and secondary heart

Poké Ball
Should we include a Dynamax Pokeball key? It would have Size Manip via growing and Air Manip as capturing has a suction effect. Also Power Nullification since it does de-dynamax Pokemon after capturing them

I think it would be useful to note the other effects of Dynamax energy (cheering boosts and pokeballs)
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Bringing these up:

Nidoran-F: Sword: "Females are more sensitive to smells than males. While foraging, they’ll use their whiskers to check wind direction and stay downwind of predators."
May be worth noting their greater sensitivity to smells. Enhanced Senses?
Zubat: Sword: "It emits ultrasonic waves from its mouth to check its surroundings. Even in tight caves, Zubat flies around with skill."
Zubat are noted as flying with skill, even in tight caves. Notable?
Golbat: Shield: Its feet are tiny, but this Pokémon walks skillfully. It sneaks up on sleeping prey before sinking in its fangs and slurping up blood.
Not inept at walking, despite the shape of its legs.
Jynx: Shield: The Jynx of Galar often have beautiful and delicate voices. Some of these Pokémon have even gathered a fan base.
Notably good quality singing?
Kabuto: Sword: This species is almost entirely extinct. Kabuto molt every three days, making their shells harder and harder.
Kabuto seems to molt fairly often.
Sword: This is a ferocious Pokémon from ancient times. Apparently even modern technology is incapable of producing a perfectly restored specimen.
Shield: Aerodactyl’s sawlike fangs can shred skin to tatters—even the skin of Steel-type Pokémon.
The species we know as Aerodactyl isn't apparently a perfectly restored specimen, suggesting the true Aerodactyl species is different from what we see. Also, the 2nd entry may be a notable feat.

I might mention more later. Also, may have some comments on those in the OP later.
Nidoran-F already has Enhanced Senses on their profile, but a clarification would be useful. As for the rest of it, not really something that needs to be put on the profiles..

As for Aerodactyl, we know that already. Mega Aerodactyl is implied to be the original form.
Noting skill at flying in speed, feats or intelligence wouldn't be worthwhile? Similar for singing?
Frequent molting & the shell getting progressively harder feels like something notable in powers/abilities or weaknesses, I'd think.
& I suppose the shredding skin is a bit too vague being able to notably damage, even if it might be useful for scaling.
I mean, permafrost is something that exists in real life, and it isn't Absolute Zero, so living in permafrost is at best just resistance to cold.