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Anime Jesus Fight: Makoto Yuki vs. Kirito

did someone see DMUA's comment
Jokes aside, what are the most reliable win-cons for both of them?
Well, that's simple enough. What else, for Makoto and Kirito? And what's the AP comparison?

I remember Makoto gets 4-A via scaling to the PT's, who very casually stomped someone who created a dimension filled with stars. I don't know if that's a baseline feat or beyond baseline; off the top of my head.
Actually, Makoto doesn't resist transmutation which Kirito has

so i guess this match isn't bust.
Milly Rocking Bandit said:
I believe a dimension filled with stars on it's own is above baseline iirc, but if not, then stomping someone who did is above baseline.
A pocket dimension with a starry back-drop is 140 Petafoe IIRC. Kirito scales to 313 Petafoe at full power (I think, the calc linked on his profile is a bit of a mess).
Well, the actual 140 petafoe feat was done by Shadow Okumura, who the PT's stomped, who Makoto is comparable to. So Makoto would actually be pretty decently above 140 petafoe.

Also, is Kirito's AP 313 petafoe, or 9 petafoe? Two conflicting messages here.
Ahh, right. And which one was accepted?

also, my name is Darku-chan, not Dark
Eh, who draws first matches aren't stomps iirc

  • cough cough Joker*
But like if two dudes have a gun and the other just shoots it faster it's not a stomp
still a wincon by all technicalities

Either that or that law manip is also a wincon by all technicalities
Hm. I think I'll go for Anime Jesus FRA.

Incarnation, which bends laws and stuff through willpower to do stuff

Pretty sure you could still just obliterate

Also, name a circumstance where Kirito has a long enough lifespan to actually move and attack with said transmutation
Yeah, Makoto stomps, Kirito's so-called wincon simply can't possibly happen on this escenario, and barely even uses that anyways.