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Could you like... stop making so many vs. matches for one character? It's getting obnovious
SCP-3000 is extremely LONG, but isn't that wide, so I really don't really see how it's supposed to be anywhere near low 6-B.
America should be able to take this via Regen, Immortality, & possibly thinking up a "killing blow" stradegy. Hence Military Strategist.
SCP-3000 is only 10 meters wide, has ZERO durbabilty feats, does not scale from anyone and it's best attack potency feat is destroying a feshing boats.

America oneshots.
It was not debunked, because SCP-3000 IS NOT THE SIZE OF A SMALL COUNTRY. I calced it's size at a MAXIMUM of 71 million Cubic meters.

" The head of SCP-3000 measures roughly 2.5m in diameter, and sections of the body proper are as large as 10m in diameter."
This isn't the place to debate it. You can keep debating it in the CRT. As long as SCP-3000 is rated as Low 6-B, America one-shotting via AP advantage isn't a legit argument
America wins due to superior skill and intelligence.

America is also more agile, (SCP-3000 is noted to not move most of its body normally).

And America is also smaller target.
How fast is this mind manipulation? It says it slowly drains the victim. How slow? And is getting attacked going to stop the mind manip?
@Pepper Just being near 3000 is enough to mind hax someone, and it literally absorbs and rewrites their conciousness and memories, and no it doesnt, its a passive effect
SCP mindscrews and makes him go into a psychotic rage, killing everyone in his country before killing him self.

3000 wins
Well...thats not exactly how 3000's mind hax works. What 3000 does is it literally breaks down what makes sapient creatures sapient and melds it together with the consciousness and memories of others exposed to 3000, essentially creating a massive conglomerate consciousness where no one knows exactly who they are or were (Its potent enough that it rewrote one guy's entire life memories so that he had all the memories of a guy who had recently killed himself by feeding himself to 3000). It will very likely make Alfred kill himself in the very end but unless he gets mixed wih the memories of a psychotic murderer he's not going on a killing spree any tim soon.
I understand the mind hax.

But it's still a passive effect that slowly drains America.

Are we sure it's effects will drive America to suicide before he can get any killing blows in?
By the time America actually gets to 3000 he'll have been exposed long enough for the mind hax to have taken full effect on him. For reference, this is the first test log for the first contact made with 3000.

Alpha: Alright command. We're situated in the airlock, and ready to roll.

Command: Confirmed. Go ahead and sound off.

Alpha: Orion-9 Alpha, check.

Bravo: Orion-9 Bravo, check.

Command: Alright, men - we're in position about 500m from the head of this creature. Make sure your tethers are on good and tight, we don't want any of you getting separated out there.

Bravo: What's visibility like down here today, command?

Command: Standby.

Command: About three meters.

Foxtrot: So it's dark as ****. Got it.

Bravo: Why are we so far out?

Command: The size of this thing is hard to comprehend, and it's wrapped up in itself in several places. We can't get too close because there's too much body there. The entity hasn't moved in about three weeks.

Foxtrot: At all?

Command: Affirmative. It moves slightly with the currents down here, but nothing more than that. If it weren't for the head movement that was observed by the first submersible team, we probably wouldn't know if it was alive or not.

Foxtrot: That's reassuring.

Alpha: Alright, tethers are tight. Flood the chamber.

Command: Confirmed.

Rushing water is heard as the airlock chamber floods. No other sound is heard for several minutes. After some time, the sound of rushing water stops.

Alpha: You both good?

Bravo: I'm good.

Foxtrot: It's ******* cold.

Alpha: Hopefully we won't be out for long then. Turn on your lights boys, Here we go.

All members of the dive team exit the airlock. There is a low mechanical sound as the airlock door closes behind them. A muffled click sound is heard, and the Stravinsky activates its aft floodlights.

Foxtrot: Hey Alpha, I uh— maybe this is a bad time to ask, but I can't remember how to turn on my lamp, and-

Alpha: Your lamp is on, Foxtrot.

Foxtrot: It— what? (Pauses) What did you call me?

Alpha: Your designation, Mulhaney. Foxtrot.

Bravo: I'm Foxtrot, boss.

Alpha: Hang on, what are you talking about?

Foxtrot: I don't understand what you mean by "designation".

Alpha: It's your goddamn call sign, Bravo, what do you mean—

Bravo: Who's Bravo?

Alpha: I— uh, shit, hang on. I was going to say something. Barry3, are you still there?

Command: Standby. (Pause) Go for command.

Alpha: Hey, we're having a little trouble out here, I'm not sure who… we seem to have some confusion over designations, and I'm not sure where we're going.

Foxtrot: Where exactly are we?

Bravo: God, do you— do you guys feel that? I've just got an awful headache, it's like needling in my brain, something…

Command: Dive team, be advised that we believe you may be experiencing some detrimental cognitive effects. Keep moving forward, and we'll give you more information as we receive it.

Alpha: Noted. Command, be advised that Foxtrot has a… uh… terrible headache. I think… are we going in the right direction? We can't see out here.

Command: You are roughly 150m from the head of the entity, Alpha. You should be getting a visual soon.

Bravo: Command, I don't see anything, where are we?

Alpha: Where are we?

Command: We're almost there, Alpha - dive team, be advised, we're picking up movement from the entity on radar.

Alpha: I— Barry, I don't see anything down here, what are we supposed to be looking-

Foxtrot: All… all I can see is darkness. There's a chill foul wind blowing, pushing me towards a brink I can't see-

Alpha: Shut up, shut up, shut up - Command, Bravo is unresponsive, requesting immediate cessation of mission-

Bravo: Wait a second-

Foxtrot: —on the edge of the nothingness, inches from oblivion. There's a… there's a sickness in my mind that I know can't be cured. Beyond me is only blackness, and a single pair of dark eyes-

Alpha: What? What are you saying?

Command: Dive team, we're going to pull you back in immediately, we have reason to believe that—

Alpha: Barry? Is that you? How can it be? I shoveled the dirt during your—

Bravo: I can hear something over there, Alpha, your light, get your *******—

Foxtrot: —silence, only silence, my consciousness coming undone and only and only and only-

Command: Dive team, something is moving toward you, repeat, something is moving toward you, prepare to return to-

Alpha: Ah, this is shit. I can't see. How far are we from the-

Bravo: It's right there! It's right there! ****! What are you both doing? ****!

Foxtrot: —and only the eel remains.

Radio silence for twenty seconds.

Command: Alpha?

Radio silence for thirteen seconds.

Command: Alpha? Bravo? Foxtrot? Do any of you hear us?

Bravo: (Unintelligible)

Command: Oh, thank God - Bravo, you need to speak up, we can't—

Bravo: Shhhhhhhh.

Radio silence for ten seconds.

Command: Something has bound up the winch between you and us, we can't—

Alpha: It's opening its mouth.

Bravo: It's so dark, there's— ah-

Foxtrot: Where am I? What—

Alpha: Barry? How can it be? I shoveled dirt-

Bravo: Mulhaney… swim, get away, there's only darkness, swim—

Foxtrot: Only-

There is suddenly tension in the tether attached to the Stravinsky. O-9 Foxtrot's radio goes silent. There is the sound of a struggle through the other two radios.

Command: Foxtrot? Foxtrot? Alpha? Bravo? Talk to me, stay calm, what happened?

Bravo: It ate him, ****, he's gone, it took him whole, he— goddammit, Alpha, what are you doing?

Alpha: Alpha?

Bravo: Cut the ******* goddamn tether Alpha, it's pulling us in!

Alpha: Who?

Bravo: ****!

Alpha: (Silence) Ah—

Total radio silence for 30 seconds. Tether attached to Stravinsky is pulled free from its moorings and disappears.

Command: Alpha, Bravo, do you copy?

Radio silence for five seconds.

Command: Alpha, Bravo, do you copy?

Bravo: This is Bravo, I'm… I'm floating in the dark. I can see shapes moving through the fog, but they're hard to make out. I cut my tether, Alpha wouldn't— I think he's gone. I don't see his light anymore.

Command: Acknowledged. We're coming to-

Bravo: Hang on, just let me think for a second… cognition, this thing, it doesn't work around it. Your brain can't form thought, (static) it hurts, it's like dying, and—

Command: Bravo, do you have eyes on the entity?

Bravo: It's in my head, guys. Coiled up in there like a snake, and something about it is… caustic. (Pauses) I can see it, just in front of me. It's not doing anything, it's… it isn't moving. Just hanging there, with its mouth open. I think it's finished eating. (Pauses) That fluid is seeping through the skin around its head, about a meter back. Just looking at the stuff is making me… like the room is spinning. I feel nauseous. My head isn't working right. (Laughter) There's an abortion under the floorboards, and another in the si— wait, this is wrong, that wasn't me. Who said that?

Bravo: My… I'm going to collect a sample, hang on.

Command: Bravo, we're going to send out a crew to get you, just hold on.

Bravo: Oh no, don't do that. Not… you have to be trained to not feel the things I'm feeling, otherwise it will get into you. Maybe it will anyway, who knows. It feels like the end of the world down here, fellas. My heart is really going off the charts, and I think I'm dying. Just— (Pauses) I got a sample. I'll attach it to one of those little balloons and let it float up. You'll be able to get it later. Don't spend too much time around that stuff, it… it doesn't… your mind… it… (Quick, heavy breathing)

Command: Bravo?

Bravo: I think I'm dying. I'm dying, I know I'm dying, this is it. I just want to get away from here. You know, it occurs to me… (laughs quietly) don't send anyone else out here. It's so dark.

Command: Bravo?
I would like OP to clarify the starting distance of the battle. If it is hundreds of miles away, then SCP-3000 has the edge.

I suppose 3000 could eat America for the win.
SCP-3000 takes this easily. As stated above, mind hax would swap America's mind with any other victim of SCP-3000, and those victims are unlikely to attack SCP-3000 and will be 100% unaware of America's abilities. Not to mention even if America DID manage to resist the initial mind swap feature, getting anywhere close to SCP-3000 causes total memory loss anyways due to the passive effect of his amnestic-emitting skin.

SCP-3000, easy kill.
I think SCP-3000 is at 7 votes (ShatteredNightmares, Jamesthetaker, Mr. Bambu, WeeklyBattles, GargoyleOne, and Pepper14832 based on their last comment)

America is at 1 (Blademan9999)

Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm just tallying because nobody else has
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