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Adam Taurus vs Agent Venom

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Let's get into the details of this versus thread.

-Speed Equalized

-Both in Character

-Location: Open field

-Range: 3.5 meters

-Win via death


Adam: 0

Agent Venom: 1

Inconclusive: 0
In that case, he'll just keep absorbing Venom's attacks till he can beat the crap out of him. Or use some of the fire to try to get the symbiote off of Flash.
WeeklyBattles said:
Adam can use fire actually, his sword is infused with fire dust and lets off fire when swund
I'm pretty sure that's what the original intention was but that idea was scrapped. We haven't seen fire come off his sword except for test footage of his original design.
Think I might go for Flash if Adam hasn't actually used fire manipulation. He has the bigger ap advantage (scalling above both Spider-Man and Toxin) even if Adam can bring back that gap. Regenerationn is gonna make his very difficult.
As I said, he can absorb Venom's blows, release it to knock him out of the symbiote, and end him.
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