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About Non-Trascendent Concepts Predating Existence and their Type


The Heavenly Fount
VS Battles
Based off my recent Pokémon CRT and the Touhou Conceptual Manipulation CRT I was told that predating existence without transcending it isn't Type 2, but that raises a question. A major part of Type 3 Concepts is destroying every single thing that takes part in that Concept also destroys the Concept, however if a Concept existed before everything in existence its logical to assume it is not dependent on the things that partake in the Concept and can continue to exist after they are destroyed as it did before they existed.

So that brings me to the point of this question, Concepts that predate existence lack vital requirements for Type 3 and Type 2 so what exactly are they?
Type 3 is when the concept is bound to actuality. It comes into existence alongside reality, and ends alongside it, as well. It's a mutual relationship: The concept affects the world, and the world affects the concept.

Type 2 is when the concept is unbound to reality as an idea. Predating it, existing after it, etc. It's a non-mutual relationship; the concept affects the world, but the world does not affect the concept.

So, to answer your question:

> Concepts that predate existence lack vital requirements for Type 3 and Type 2 so what exactly are they?

If the concept is shown to be unbound by its objects (existing even after all its objects have passed on), it doesn't really matter whether it predates existence or not.

For example, Kindred is the embodiment of the Type 2 concept of death, yet it only came into reality when the first lifeform died. What makes it Type 2 is that it will still exist even after everything has died.