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A profile for Pulseman

Dunno why Pokemon are the topics here.

The profile seems fine, only thing I'm questioning is the speed stats.
GyroNutz said:
Dunno why Pokemon are the topics here.
It's the closest thing to Pulseman we have

The profile seems fine, only thing I'm questioning is the speed stats.

When I searched "average missile speed" Hypersonic was the first result.

I don't remember how fast electricity travels through wires.
It's the missile bit that I was questioning, electricity through wires is actually probably Massively Hypersonic+, since I'm pretty sure electricity moves through wires a bit under 1% the speed of light.
Apparently most missiles vary form mach 0.3 to mach 10. I think Transonic would be the safest asumption.

Acording to this random awnser a good cable can archieve 80% he speed of light. Mmmm... i think we need someone more knowldgeable.
Ok I looked it up, and I found this.

It seems I was wrong, and anything between Sub-Relavistic and Relavistic+ is fair game.
I really doubt I will get more attention than this, so I'm just going to publish the profile.