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A Fantastic Rework (Marvel Comics)

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VS Battles
The current Mister Fantastic page is immensely crap, reworking that entirely.

The Tier
Currently, Mister Fantastic scales to this calc, but like, looking at the scan, it literally states that he is outside the distortion field, and the calc is of the explosion as a whole i.e. Reed is outside the effects of the explosion by his own statement, and it wouldn't scale entirely to him regardless. So to summarize, his High 7-A "feat" is completely out of context and fake.

In terms of proposed tier, however, this is where things get weird. He isn't treated as superhuman by Marvel standards, apparently, given his "3" in Strength in Marvel Handbooks, and of the feats I find of him, he's either Doctor Doom tier (5-B) OR At least 9-A tier, for trading hits with Dake and damaging Grey Gargoyle alongside pulverizing a car.

Reed is a stonewall
Shocking discovery, but yes, Reed Richards has a considerably higher durability against explosions and blunt force alike, his Durability is consistently treated as far higher than his actual output, and considering the man has "6" Durability listed on his stats officially just confirms it, as such feats such as him taking punches from the Thing aren't far off, though I may note that they follow the same logic as Luke Cage, where these are his peak feats against blunt hits, as such they should be listed as such, given that presumably you'll need far less to KO him.

Other, Random Ability Additio

Idk about mid regen, given his whole stretchy thing I don't think we can really say his brain was destroyed there.

Rest seems fine
What Wokistan accepted can probably be applied. Thank you for helping out.
Can I get the Mister Fantastic page unlocked to apply changes?

Also I doubt it needs to get relocked, Reed isn't a controversial enough character to warrant that, at least not until he is reintroduced into the mainstream.
Okay. I will unlock it. Tell me here when you are done.
I have applied the changes, but as I said, I don't think it should be locked again.
Okay. I will leave it open then.

Should I close this thread?
Not open for further replies.